Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Realizations & Reactions

My stars... I am finally getting settled down. Yesterday was a FANTASTIC day and I have loads to tell you about. First, this picture today is of my good friend, Lindsey, and me at Fox Run winery after our delicious lunch. But... I am getting ahead of myself.

Where I should really start is with the start of the day. Lindsey came by my house bright and early to keep my company on my trek down to Seneca Lake. It is actually a really beautiful drive and the weather was fabulous. First we hit Miles wine cellars. The new earrings, and lariats were a HUGE hit. Suzie picked out lots of great things and I got most of them marked "sold" on my website this morning. She also grabbed a few things that I hadn't had a chance to photograph either. SO, you'll get have to make time to visit and see all the goodies she has. Surprising though, I put a lot of work into all those neckwires and wiestoppers but they seems to be in the mood for the snazzier stuff this visit. I will spend the next few days photographing and adding the new (& still available) stuff to my website.

Next up was Anthony Rd... Liz and Ann found more goodies for their shop. It is funny how you put the smae things in front of two groups of people and they end up picking completely different things. It works great because you aren't seeing the same things at every place you go, but I think it is neat to see what people are drawn to. AR has a bunch of beautiful single bead pendants and "Sandy Lantern" style bangles. And they have a new grandbaby on the way too.

After the selling was over... it was time for lunch and the fun picture above. The cafe at Fox Run is delicious. They have very different things and it is nice to have the change. The deck overlooking the lake is perfect for a midday meal. I could have sat in that sun all afternoon!! It was so funny taking this picture... Lindsey had it set on a concrete "thing" the a lamp post was grounded it... she set the timer then tried to race over to where I was sitting. She made the silliest face when she ran!! I will never forget it, it was a giant smile... I like those kind of memories. Shopping followed lunch... those of you that have been with me and my blog for a while know that I have a post winery tradition of stopping into a little bead and accessories shop of the way home. And almost everytime I buy a new handbag. This time was no different. I got a really cute one!! And a great scarf too that is all maroonish browns with seafoamy green, light misty green and petal soft pink... I am thinking there needs to be some scarf color beads the next time I am at the torch!

I know there are a bunch of you waiting to see the CHAIRS!! And they are really really COOL! I am not ready to debut them just yet though. They are only about 1/2 way done. But I plan to work on them more today and I have lots and lots and lots of pictures from workign on them. Some from every step of the way. So I'll post them soon.

Now... why the "Realizations & Reactions" title for today. Working on packing stuff up for the trip yesterday, I organized all my bracelets... I grouped them by colors. There were blacks, browns, purples, blues.... and then.... it just stopped at blue. I DON'T HAVE ANY COLOR!! That is just crazy! So, here is the reaction... every week for the next few weeks while I work to get ready to Cornhill (my first show of the summer) I will be picking a color for the week. I am starting with GREEN. I will do several projects with the color of the week as the focus. I gotta brighten up my stuff. I think I have made so many bead box beads in brights, I forget to do them for myself.

Stay tuned to see all that I come up with...

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