Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Missing Mojo, again

I have had a few rather frustrating days at the torch. Like I said the other day... my brain is overloaded. When I get like this, my mind gets so packed with ideas, nothing can get out. Or what I do manage to make, doesn't live up to my standards and I get even more frustrated. Grrr... I am sooo frustrated that I am grinding my teeth and waking up with headaches. And I am agrivating the vertigo I recently came down with. You should have seen me walking down the hallway last night, lol. It was really rather funny. It was like I was in a fun house, my feet were on one side of the hall and I was walking with my head and hand on the other side of the wall. Kinda kitty corner.

I know what you are thinking... "Kerry, if you have no mojo, what are these cute beads you are showing us?" Well, these are all that have come out of my kiln in the past 3 days. Thanks to the help of Libby at www.sorellabeads.com one of the things jamming up my thoughts is off mandrel pendants. I thought it would be great to make some for the wineries later this month. I have mentioned before, they like simplier things like pendants. These are a great opportunity to play with lots of colors, stripes, dots, and what not. They are really tricky for me, but definitely something I will keep working on. Ohh, you know what I just thought off, if I put the "loop" on the back of the disc, these would make really cool buttons for knitted and crocheted projects. Wouldn't they?

In the photo below, you can see what the backs of these pendants look like. There is a small flattened dot on the back of them, this is where I took the piece off the rod of glass that I built it on. I need to work on getting that to completely melt in to the back of the disc without melting or distorting the shape or design. See why I get frustrated? Maybe I am just being my usual perfectionist self, maybe they are fine with a flat dot on the back, but for me... makes me want to through them across the room. Extreme? Yeah, I know... lol, maybe I am a little hormonal. LOL.

I made my "May" calendar yesterday and I realized that I have really over scheduled myself the next few weeks. I am really really really going to try to find my mojo again and squeeze torch time in anywhere I can find it. I don't know for sure when I will have new sets, but you can be sure I will let you know as soon as I have new things.

FREE BEADS!! YOO HOO!! This week's winner is Nicole S. CONGRATS NICOLE!! I just posted a new set of freebies... go check them out and vote!!

DON'T FORGET!! "Cosmic Crayons" and "Martian Markers", plus all those fun focals are ending tonight!! Go BID BID BID... the focals are going super duper cheap... they are so fun, you gotta get one!!

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