Monday, May 21, 2007

Lovin' Lariats

WOW... I have so many pictures today I was tempted to do a slide show... but nah, this is fine... you might wanna get yourself a snack and somethign to drink though. If you make it to the end of this post, you'll have been here a while!!

You know what a huge fan of "Before & After"s I am... so that's where we will start. This top big pile o'beads are a load of rings I made yesterday. I just started randomly making rings, making sure to do a couple in each color. And before I knew it, I has used up all my large hole mandrels. That isn't hard to do though. I only have 3 in each size, but what I do is put 3-4 rings per mandrel and that makes them add up fast.

Now for the after....

Check out all these lariats!! You gotta click the picture and see it in the larger screen. They are soooooo fun. It took me about two hours this morning to put them all together, but it was totally worth it. I think people are gonna love these. I know my sister has several color requests in already and the book club girls all want one too. The are just so many possibilites with these. The color combination possibilities are just endless. I really enjoyed wire-ing these together. I used sterling silver chain that I purchase by the foot from

These two are my favorites... I am thinking I am really into green at the moment!! All of the lariats are packed up and ready for a trip to Miles Wine Cellars and Anthony Rd Wine Company tomorrow. I have to say... I am totally beat. I have been running myself ragged the past few days (especially today) to be ready. Everything had to be created, polished, priced, packaged and packed in the van. Add in normal life with my family (and priming two directors chairs) and I am just plan dog tired. But, I finally think everythign is done and all I need to do is go to bed... then head down tomorrow. Kinda exciting to see what they are gonna think of all the new stuff I have been doing.

So, yeah, I made neckwires... even though I was being a brat and didn't wanna. But it's funny how life works... see I was saying I didn't want to make bangles and neckwires, did it anyway... then went in the drawer of my desk where all those wires are.... ALL GONE!! I thought I had some left from the end of last season, and I did have a bunch of the neckwires... but NO BANGLES!! Ugh... subconscience self sabatosh? most likely. LOL!! I will just put them together and mail them down later this month I guess.

What your looking at now is two sets of neckwires. I thought it looked neat spliting them into groupings of "hots" and "cools". Aren't they yummy?

Okay.. so that is it for now... tomorrow is the big day!! I will be heading out bright and early. And I am so excited to have my good friend Lindsey coming along to keep me company tomorrow!! (Hi Lindsey, see you in the morning!) Then on the way home I am going to paint those chairs. I already started the process photos for how to paint them. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!!

I am too tired to do the free beads today... I will let you know tomorrow, when I get home with the winery report.


gaby santiago-sayer said...

Hi Kerry!
Your jewels are so cute! The colors are really summer-like!

I'm looking forward to seeing those chairs!

Chrissie said...

Wow! Talk about eye candy :) I love love love the lariats! What an awesome idea! The neckwires are always fun get to really get a focus on your fabulous beads. I think my favorite is that encased raku one in the cool set...Have fun tomorrow!

Lori Anderson Designs said...