Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Time is flying by...

Nope, no pics... nope, nothing to show... holy cow things are CRAZY around here. I warned you all last week that May is totally over scheduled. I have been workign on "stuff" but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to photograph, upload, edit and share pics. I'll get to it soon though, I promise.

I did want to tell you more about this past weekend. First, my little Andrew made his first communion. He was so handsome in his little suit. hehe. But the kid was quick and was in play clothes before you could say Amen... so I didn't really get any great pics of him. I am hoping my Mom got some though. After the communion ceremony, I dashed out to my very preggers cousin's baby shower. It is just a few weeks until "Amber Rose" will be making her debut. I can't wait to meet her. After that it was back home for a nice family party to celebrate Andrew!! The weather has been fantabulous so a cookout was in order. It all went great.

Yesterday was blah with everyday errands. And I officially blew through my first tank of oxygen. I ran out to the city to get the tank refilled. That with grocery shopping and a trip to the post office... it was blah, blah, blah. Though I should say, the trip to the post office was a very necessary one... JOOLZ needed to restock for the grand opening tomorrow!! I mean it people... you better get over there and check out the goodies! And not just mine, there are many treasures to find in there.

Today was filled with more mindless things. Andrew to the dentist... more little errands... but there were two fun parts. First, I was given the opportunity to apply to a fine arts show going on later this year. The deadline has already passed but I was given an extension and allowed to apply. The show is being juried on Friday, so wish me luck, I need it for this one. Second fun thing, I made a date with my godmother/aunt... my Aunt Peggi. Aunt Peggi is a furniture painter. She does beautiful folk art whimsical painted furniture from old garage sale pieces she finds or is given. Yesterday I picked up a second directors chair for my assistants to use during art shows. My aunt and I now have a date to paint my pair of chairs!! I can't wait... I want to do something fun and wild to dress them up. They will definitely be a conversation piece too. Gotta love reasons to slow people down inside your booth... gets them to not just get to know you, but to really stop and check out what you are offering. I will share LOTS of pics of me and Aunt Peggi when you paint... it'll be in a week or two.

Alrighty... time to go unwind. I have a bunch of knobs in the kiln right now. I am trying to get all those little guys done by Mother's Day for my Mom!

HEY - this week's free beads winner is HARRY!! YOO HOO!! Keep the vote coming gang. I'll post the new freebie pic tomorrow.


Lori Greenberg said...

I hope you show pictures of your painted chairs. I bought some 'naked' ones at IKEA a long time ago and I have one that has been sitting primed and ready to be painted for about a month now. I don't know where to go next. Please???

Lindsey said...

Oh, Kerry, are you going to do something like the painted furniture we saw at the studio you took me to last fall?!?