Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are finally HOME!! I just got in couple of hours ago. I quick got all the food away and now I am sorting through emails.

Cape Cod was great!! The weather was absolutely amazing. We really lucked out. The forcast had been mid 60's, but while we were there it was mid and upper 70's... perfect beach weather. The drive is about 8 hours. Rough with three kids. They fought and fought the whole way. We kept rotating one kid out into my parent's car. It was crazy, there is only one road in and out of Cape Cod. And on our way in, everyone else was leaving... there was a 17 MILE traffic jam. And the locals said it was all in the news and paper, they are guessing everyone was trying to leave at the same time.

We arrived at a decent time, around 3pm. We unloaded the car and then headed to the water. It was about a 5 min walk from our "apartment". The motel place was nice. I a little dated but you couldn't beat the price. My parent's suite was really really nice, with a view of the water. The dunes by the water were really amazing. The one we went down to get to the water was about 40feet high. You kinda slide down it. The kids were in awe and impossible to keep out of the ocean. We dressed for a walk on the first trip to the shore but it didn't stop Jacob from getting wet from head to toe. He is such a water baby. And, dang, the water was cold!! It had to be around 60degrees.

Our first night was nice, we had a picnic cook out at the apartment and yeah, we back to the water. But the second day was GREAT! We went to the end of the cape, to Province Town. I found a bunch of goodies. My favorite is a necklace I got at (click on IMOOI Jewelry or got to ). We didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked. My Mom was having a rough time walking and the kids can't stand shopping. Everyone was eager to get back to the beads. But not before hitting the taffy shop and the two buck t-shirt place on the way back.

After the "shopping", we went home for an afternoon at the beach. It was most excellent. Ron and my Dad set up a golf course and the kids ran in and out of the waves. It was wonderful just being lazy and enjoying the sun and water. Tuesday evening was for me and Ron to go out to dinner just the two of us. We went to a place called "Land-Ho" ( and I had a CRABCAKE (Ron had fish & chips)!!! It was delicious. I am hooked. This one was very different from the ones I had when in VA. It was deep fried and really crispy. It was yummmmmy.

Wednesday was the "all day at the beach day" with a short break in the middle to go into town and Oh did I find something extra special. We went to a shop called "Yak Art" ( , really wild/weird/eclectic stuff. Ron found them first and I agreed.. a pair of book cases made out of old shutters. They are really COOL! And we got the pair for $115!! It was an incredible deal. The owner wasn't there and the girl working the register didn't know what she was doing. LOL. So we had to have them. I also found a shop called "Weekend" check out its the kind of store you'll spend $60 for a t-shirt and $500 for a sundress. Needless to say, I didn't buy anything there... but the shop called me from a mile away so it just goes to show the kind of taste I have, lol.

I have to tell you what Lauren said on the beach yesterday. She was playing and playing... squealling everytime a wave hit her. Then at one point she ran up the beach to us and said (and I quote) "this is so FREAKING awesome". LOL! I think she heard the boys say it. But she had the emphasis on all the right words. It was hard not to laugh at her it was so cute. Oh you know know how sun burnt I got last week? Well, I was so worried about sunscreening my back so it would happen again that I totally forgot about putting stuff on my legs. So now they are burnt too, lol. See, I told ya I am an idiot. At least I can laugh at myself.

Then last night we had ice cream cones on the beach and watched the sunset over the dunes. And that is where my Mom got this great family photo. It was lovely. We left at 6am this morning leaving behind a 60degree day with rain! Home is a muggy upper 80s and sunny. Go figure. LOL.

I have lots and lots of photos to resize and edit. Tons of movies too. I am actually thinking getting a account so I can share them. For now, though, check out all the links I collected while away. I still gotta takes picks of the goodies I got too. I am trying to get all my emails answered and I hope to get to the post office tomorrow and get everthing mailed out too. Busy busy.

Here are a bunch of our family photos from our trip!!


blest said...

Everyone was eager to get back to the beads. But not before hitting the taffy shop and the two buck t-shirt place on the way back.

to the beads? I'm assuming that was a Freudian slip? ;-p

Kerry said...

LOL!! Must have been!! Good find there. Beads are definitely on my mind.