Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Summer Flings

Does anyone remember last August-Septemberish when I made a whole mess of earrings for "The Clothesline Arts Festival"? Click HERE to refresh your memory. Anyway, I called them "Flings" and now... check out these photos of the new 2007 Summer Fling earrings!! Aren't they cool? As I mentioned yesterday, these were inspired by some earrings that my friend, Cindy, made in a class with Connie Fox. I looked on Connie's site ( to give you a link to the earrings but couldn't find one.

Her's were similar to mine in that they were made with discs, but here is where I went in my own direction... CHECK OUT ALL THAT COLOR!! I made lots of beads in brights and had a blast making the earrings today. I also had fun with the hook shapes. Squares, squiggles, bends and dips... each is totally different. I made more then a dozen pairs. The photos are of some of my favorites! These average an inch to an inch and a half long... so they are dangley, but not too dangley.

All these will head down to the wineries with me on Tuesday, next week. If I have any left, I will post them on my website and in my Etsy Shop. And make no mistake about it... I will have LOTS of these for The Cornhill Arts Festival coming up in a few weeks.

Today was kinda quiet but then suddenly hectic. I had my quiet morning, just sitting building earrings... then I realized.... hey, it's too quiet... the digital phone and internet service was down. I had no access until about 20 mins ago. I had to run out this afternoon and get a replacement modem. While Lauren was at school I made loads more beads. I should have lots for the Bead Box update tomorrow!! I am thinking I'll have 7-8 sets. Yummy!! It may even warrant a group email, I haven't sent one of those in ages. I picked the kids up early from school, raced to get the modem before the shop closed... took Bitty Kitty for her rabies shot... checked out a new bead store that just opened up across town... then closed the evening with shopping at Target with the kids for Ron. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, tomorrow is my hubby's birthday!!

Time to go relax... LOST is on tonight!! And I have my fingers crossed that Blake Lewis makes it into the final two on American Idol. LOL... I won't watch if he isn't!! Go BLAKE!

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Janelle said...

Woo hoo Blake, woo hoo Lost! Love Wednesdays. What are we going to do in a few weeks when they're both over? Ahhh!

The earrings are really great, such a big improvement in just one year!