Friday, May 04, 2007

Leave A Comment Day!!

It was exactly two months ago today that I added that "hit counter" on the right hand side of my blog. It says I have had over 6100 hits in that time!! That means I am averaging 100 hits a day. So, I thought it would be fun to have a "Comment" day!!

Just scroll to the bittom of this post and hit "comments"... then add yours. Nothing fancy (unless you wanna)... and it can be anonymous... just say Hi... whatever you wanna do!! I want to see just how many lurkers I have out there, lol.



WillowLuna said...

I love the look of those rings together!

Sarebear said...

I pop in and comment now and again, anyhoo! (Come comment on one of my various blogs, hee hee!)

BEAUTIFUL necklaces, I can so imagine that with a couple of new blouses I have, OH and a $55 cardigan I scored for $7 that's gorgeous, it's got the colors in it I see in the top pic.

Nicky said...

Helloooo from the UK !

blest said...

I check in daily. Thanks for the links to bendwire and parawire in the previous post. Very interesting!

And I linked to you a few days ago with my 6 weird things post. No - you weren't one of the weird things.

Chrissie said...

Hi Kerry!
Happy Friday!

Kerry said...

YOO HOO FIVE comments already!! Maybe by this time tomorrow we will have a bunch more!!

willowluna - aren't they fun, I am making these lariats in all sorts of color combos for Cornhill and the wineriers.

Sarebear - I will be by your blogs soon!! I promise :) Thanks so posting. Where did you score a $7 sweater??? And the colors of the lariat are trans parent ink blue/purple and black with raku.

nicky - right back at ya UK!!

blest - give me your like girl, I wanna see what you posted!!

Hey Chrissie! - how is the lampwork going? you need to use that blog you started a post stuff!

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry

You know I'm certainly NOT a lurker! I love checking in with you everyday....
Love those new necklaces...simple and yet so different. I want one!!! Have a great time tomorrow for Andrew and Charity's big day!

~ Cindy

gaby said...

lol, I posted a comment in the wrong section. Again, "nice jewelry"! and oh, yes, I visit your blog daily to see which new creations you have posted!
warm, warm greetings from AZ!

Davena said...

I read!

Anonymous said...

I check your blog every time I'm online - and I don't check blogs..don't even have one of my own. =)

Anonymous said...

lately the blogger hasn't let me post with my name. It has been really picky
I check daily on your blog. Yours is the only one I read
Lori O

Kathy said...

hey kerry,
I check and read your blog every time I am on line.
I always am eager to see the new creations.
Great job!!!

blest said...

Alrighty...Here is where I mentioned you, albeit indirectly:

And you can consider yourself tagged to do that meme if you so desire!

Sarebear said...

I scored the sweater at CJ Banks, something like that, in a major mall around here.

They have FAB clothing!!! To fit many sizes, too.

That is so WONDERFUL about the Joolz store, that is AMAZING!