Friday, May 18, 2007

Pearly Whites

You know, I had every intention of coming back here yesterday to do a proper update. I don't know where the day went! One minute I am loading Bead Box beads and the next it's 8 hours later and I am heading out the door to Book Club. Most everything in between was a blur... there was some cleaning, some laundry, some jewelry making... loads of stuff.

Ron, I think, had a nice day. He isn't one to celebrate things. We had a nice dinner before I went out to do my thing. And the kids had fun giving him the presents they picked out. The kids and I had gone out a few nights ago to Target and tried to think of all the things Daddy likes... and they picked the gifts. We got him a new golf shirt (they liked the striped blue on blue best) and some new cooking utensils, flip flops for the beach at Cape Cod in a few weeks, and a gangster movie (he loves those). Then it was ice cream cake for dessert. And Book Club was a blast!! We are reading "Honeymoon" by James Patterson if anyone wants to join in and read along.

I am moving right along in my preparations for my winery visits next week. I now have more then a dozen stoppers... a bunch of earrings... and it's time to work on those pesky bangles and neckwires. Can I be totally honest with you all?.... I don't like doing bangles and neckwires anymore. I think I have kinda grown out of them. I don't know... I am just not in the mood. I wanna do bigger, better things. Not simple things. (not that there is anything wrong with simple things) But, it is what they like and what sells for them, so I gotta do it. My plan is to work my way through the rainbow this weekend. I am going to start with reds, make the beads for a couple bangles and a neckwire or two... then to oranges... etc, etc... I think it is the only way not to drive myself a little bonkers trying to come up with new and exciting color combos. When I am moody I have bad torch sessions... and I am now under some serious time constraints, so bad torch sessions are not an option!! Stick to a plan and things will be okay.

I just wanna take a moment to give a shout out to Cassie Donlen over at . She posted a really beautiful set of beads done in ivory on ivory that are just fabulous! Check them out HERE. I am thinking when I am done with this "have to" work, I will play with this same color combo for fun. I love the subtle-ness of it, don't you? Too cool!

And speaking of lovely white things, lol... I had a dentist appointment today. My teeth are sparkly clean and cavity free... YOO HOO!! Now I need to get Lauren from preschool and when I get home, I am hitting that torch.

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