Monday, June 18, 2007

Bronze Bells

I was walking around my yard watering this evening when I suddenly realized where I was seeing my latest color combination. It had been right in front of my eyes for weeks and weeks. See this bell? It's the Cosanti Bronze Bell that Ron got for me back at Christmas. Doesn't it look just like the colors in my new beads?!? I took the bell's photo a few weeks ago when Ron hung it up on my arbor. Look, the trees have no leaves, lol. I can tell you they are loaded with leaves these days.

I can finally send a few minutes tell you all about the beads I posted on eBay yesterday. We'll talk about them in the order they were created. The first set I worked on was the "Shadowing" set. I have mentioned a few times that there were some gemstones at the B&B Show that were screaming at me... they said "look at me, look at me... I am beautiful and insanely overpriced... don't you want me?" Of course I wanted it, but come on now... when was the last time you saw a gemstone in any of my work? So you know what I did? I pulled out my sketch book (I told you I always have it), and I wrote down the colors in those beads that were talkign to me. My dunce-ness shows though, cause I didn't write down the type of stone it was, just the colors. But Holly, my roommate tells me it was a form of Jasper.

Anyway, the base was a light ivory-grayish color. The foreground color was a beautiful bright amethyst color. Around the amethyst there seemed to be a dark gray that outlined or shadowed they yummy purple. The outlines faded into that light base. It was just fabulous. I loved the colors and the idea of making shadows. So when it came time to make some beads, I first thought I would use ivory, gray and transparent amethyst... but then I was standing in front of my glass rack and pulled out two shades of gray and metallic silver plum. MSP creates an awesome oily iridecent texture to the surface of the glass. TOTALLY AMAZING stuff that is!! Besure you bid like crazy on these ones... those flawlessly shadowed stringers were really had to do!! Click HERE to check out the auction.

Next up were the "Attic Finds" set. I love the way etched copper green looks with Terra (the newest silver glass by Double Helix). I pulled out Terra, copper green, ivory and clear then went to town!! For a while now I have thought it would be fun to go a set mixing my plaids and cubes. One of the cool things about Terra is the silver in it and the way it reacts with ivory. Silver really ages the ivory, creates a dusty brown look on the surface. I shared photos of these beads on the Lampwork Etc forum and got lots of rave reviews. There are already a bunch of watchers on the auction too. Click HERE to get over to the auction and place your bid!

I liked working with these colors so much that when I snuck out to the torch at 7:30 this morning, I stuck with it. I realized I hadn't made a "Playground" style bracelet in ages. So I made loads of discs with this in my mind the whole time. I plan on making a "Shadowing" one too. The colors are just making me so happy. Can't you see this with a nice seafoamy colored tank top and lovely linen capris? OR how about a dark mocha colored sweater and swaying silk skirt... just perfect!! I think I had gotten out of the habit of making these because I did like 5 of them in one week and sent them away to a magazine. I have made a mental note to myself to do at least 5 of them for Corn Hill.

After all your waiting... I finally got to pick the lastest freebie winner!! YOO HOO to Cindi H!! Congrats Cindi and thanks to everyone who has been voting. I think we are gonna stick with this once a month drawing thing. I will work on something extra special for the July drawing.

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