Thursday, June 07, 2007

Update From The Show!

I am here, I am safe and sound, I even took my first class already!! This place is insanely huge. I can't even describe how big it is. I am rather intimidated by what my roommate and I are going to see tomorrow when you go to the marketplace (the vendor area). I peaked in the door yesterday morning before class and GIGANTIC is the best word to explain the magnatude of what we are going to walk into. Intimidating but overwhelmingly exciting. I have a list of the vendors I wanna see and things I wanna purchase.

My first class yesterday was with Susan Lenart Kazmer. I have lots to tell you about it but you are gonna have to wait cause I need to hop in the shower quick, run to Starbucks and get to my second class that starts at 8am. It's Rio Grande's Introduction to PMC.

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