Saturday, June 23, 2007

Definition of "Eye Candy"

OMG!! I am going to take a few moments to completely and totally blow my own horn! Please excuse my arrogance, but HOLY MOLY!! These beads turned out INSANELY AMAZING!!

I didn't mention these yesterday cause I was really worried about how things were going to come out of the kiln. I started these early yesterday morning. I spent a few hours working on them. Taking brakes here and there to do stuff with the kids. I kinda went all zen like and the glass was really just flowing perfectly. I can barely believe I actually made all these.

There are more the 30, THIRTY, one-of-kind discs in this necklace, "Rusty Swings". There are double discs, there are triangles, there are squares and the traditional rounds too. I made lots of twisties to wrap the discs. And not just regular twisties, I made complex ones with 3 and 4 different twisted colors. There is encasing and is lots of spots and dots... just so much going on here!!

Now I know what you are thinking... you are saying to your computer screen... "Kerry!! OMG... is that for sale!?!?" HECK NO!! LOL. I wanna hang on to this for a while. I wanna hold it, and wear it, and show it off at The Corn Hill Arts Fest in 3 weeks. Anyone who really wants it would have to offer me a ridiculous amount to get me to part with it. So for now, just eat it up in the pictures.

When you are done cleaning the drool off your keyboard, go order yourself a plane ticket for the weekend of July 14-15th. Come up here to NY for the show and see this thing in person!! See this, and see me, I love visitors.

Alrighty I still got lots more work to do. I am working on more and more stuff. I got loads of pendants, more earrings, gotta get more bracelets going... it is just endless. At least I haven't left all the work until the very last minute, lol. I got 3 weeks. I'll get it done. For tomorrow, I have photos of another new necklace, and some beaded glass pens (a special request by one of my students!)

See ya then!


Katie said...

Kerry that is truly amazing! I am cleaning the drool from my keyboard... Will you have that piece at Clothesline? It must look incredible in person.

Kerry said...

Thanks so much Katie!

Hmmm... I am not sure if I will have it at Clothesline. I guess it depends on weither or not someone falls in love with it before then and offers me enough to make it worth giving But my guess would be probably yes! It'll be with me at Clothesline.

Davena said...


I like this one as much as I do the one a few posts down... which I went looking for on ebay/etsy the just the other day. :)

Vicki said...

Holy Moly you are right! What a great way to string these! Do you sell them?

I found you via who mentioned you on her website.

I'll be checking back!

Kerry said...

Hey Vicki!
Welcome to my blog, thanks for coming by. Yes I sell my work. On my website and my beads on eBay. This necklace is staying with me a little while longer, I can't give it up yet!!