Monday, June 25, 2007

Style Combining

How remembers last summer when I made a couple of necklaces that were half seedbeads and half lampwork & wire? Well take a look at THIS, THIS, or THIS to refresh your memory. At the time I had come up with the idea as a way to conserve wire (since I was pretty new to it and thought sterling was insanely pricey) and second it was a way to turn bracelets that had turned out "not how I wanted" in to necklaces that worked.

At some point yesterday while I was making beads, I had a "heeeya" moment were I stopped and thought... "wait a minute, how would one of these look with that?" The "one of these" was my "New Industrial" style necklace and the "with that" was the seedbead stringer in the back. A number of people who try on the New Industrial necklace get frustrated because their neck muscles in the back are large and make the necklace sit in an odd way. This new twist fixes that!! YOO HOO!! I am so glad I thought of it!!

I will style make the other style necklace because A: I like it a lot! and #2: my neck doesn't have the extra defined neck muscles so I like beads all the way around. But, these are really fun to do too. And since I only have 10 mandrels that make the beads for these necklaces, I can either make on "Combo" style necklace a torch session or a "New Industrial" over two torch sessions. With a show deadline looming, I am liking the idea of being able to do one a torch session instead of one in two sessions. But, we'll see.

For tomorrow, I have yet ANOTHER twist on the "New Industrial" style. This time with lots more wire... hmmmm... wonder what I could be doing? You'll just have to wait and see!! Tomorrow is going to be eventful all around. THE KIDS GO TO MY PARENTS!! YOO HOO!! My Mom is being an angel and taking the trio for a sleepover so I can get some uninterrupted work time in. THANKS MOM!! I am devoting an entire day to earring pairs. Wish me luck.

Lastly... check out the latest beaded pens!


gaby said...

I love the new pens and the bracelet, the clasp is just cool with the coiled black wire!

Anonymous said...

Your creativity is endless! Just love everything you are designing.