Friday, June 15, 2007

Bump in the night....

Ever have one of those days that reminds you that parenting doesn't come with a handbook and since you don't have directions, you are really screwing things up? Yeah? Well today was one of those days for me.

It started in the wee hours of the morning. I hadn't realized that my "Momma Ears" have reverted to my pre kid days. Not making sense? See, when I had kids I suddenly had something happened in my ears that made it so I would wake up at the drop of a pin. I used to bolt awake to the slightest sound. At some point around 5:30am Jacob fell out of the top bunk of his bed. It was loud enough to wake up Ron (in bed right next to me) but not me... I just kept on snoozing. Bad Mommy Moment #1 of the day.

When I finally did wake up an hour later, Ron told be he heard the thud and that Jacob had fell. He also told me he seemed fine and that Andrew had let Jacob sleep in his bed so that Jacob wouldn't have to climb up to his bed again. I checked Jacob out. No bump to be found. He said that his head hurt though. I gave him some Children's Tylenol and sent him on his way. Really, who would keep a kid home from school just for falling out of his bunk bed with just 4 days of school left?!? That would be Bad mommy Moment #2.

I ended up getting a call from the school nurse around 11am that Jacob had a bad headache, stomach ache, and his pupils were "sluggish". Lauren was in the bath tub at the time so it took me 45mins to get her out, dressed, hair brushed and in her car seat to get to a school that is 2 miles from my house!! For those keeping track, that's Bad Mommy Moment #3!

By the time Jacob got into the doctor's office, he had a fever of 102degrees. Turns out he has a stomach bug that is going around. No worries of a concussion but I am supposed to watch him for vomiting with confusion. If he gets sick without the confusion it's just the bug. Weird huh?

Let's all cross our fingers that Jacob is the only one that comes down with whatever it is he has. We all wanna go strawberry picking for Father's Day!!


gaby said...

Hi Kerr
I hope your child gets better. No guilty feelings; you were just tired and sometimes we deserve a break.

By the way, the nice pic you posted is about a piece that you just made? I see some green wire, is that sterling covered in green?

Nice design anyway!

Hope you get a fun strawberry time for dad's day!

Sarebear said...

Oooh, Kerry! It's not like you can take a naked soapy toddler though, can you!

Checking the eyes, the pupils for dilation appropriate to the light they're in after a hit to the head is the first thing to do (for next time, not saying anyone is bad for not this time!) You know, on medical shows, when they say, "pupils are fixed, and dilated"? You see if the pupils are reacting to the light/light changes.

And yeah, watch for the vomiting/confusion combo (how much does it suck that he has a bug at the same time! I wish I could give you a big big big hug.)

I'm not trying to top any bad mommy moments, just relating one in the way of, hey, we're all human, and stuff.

We were camping, and were sitting in my MIL's 5th wheel trailer. She had a cooler blocking the door, as the main part of the door was open and only the swinging screen door was in place; my then 2 year old would have tumbled down the steps in a heartbeat!

Still feeling new to this mothering thing, I hadn't learned to always stand up for myself or what I felt, as a mother. Plus, my MIL figured she knew it all, and that I knew nothing.

Anyway, I say, hey, I don't think that cooler is a good enough protection for that doorway, and she says, it's fine, dd can't fall out with that there.

I still had a funny feeling in my gut but hadn't learned to stick up for myself yet, in motherly issues. At that point in time.

Well, whaddaya know, but dd leans over the cooler, pushes off from the floor with her feet, and instantly tumbles over and out the door, down the steps, HEAD over heals, and lands outside.

Another thing my MIL had said was, well, we can grab her if she tries to go over.

It happened so fast and yet I still see it in slow mo, and it still is horrifying to me of my precious baby girl tumbling head over heels down those hard metal steps and into the dirt.

We almost left right then, but MIL was saying no need. Kept a good watch on dd, left the next morning, and she actually did throw up the next morning and I FREAKED! I called the doc, he asked some questions about her condition and behavior, I answered, and he gave me instructions for the rest of the 24 hour period after the fall.

(I'm not giving medical advice, just relating my experience; my opinion would be tho if throw up get prof med advice/contact etc. right away) Which we did.

Things turned out okay, but I learned to stand up for my motherly instincts, new though they were and still figuring them out. My MIL was none too happy with me for quite a while after that . . . . ! That's ok, my dd comes first.

Sorry to go on so long!!!! Besides, it's not like you could control whether or not you woke up, either! And so many of these situations aren't so easy to see what should be or should have been done, until LATER, in HINDSIGHT.

Ok, off that.

Love the necklace you made, here! It's gorgeous.

Kerry said...

Hey girls!

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I know I am not a GREAT Mom but I think I am pretty GOOD. Yesterday just turned into one of those days that I felt like I was showing everyone I wasn't. LOL... does that make sense? Jacob is doing great. No vomiting, YOO HOO!! Still has a temp and is complaining now of a sore throat. We may head in for a throat culture... que dramatic music... dum dum dummmm. LOL. But I am sure he is fine.

Sarebear... I feel for you!!! I have those instictive visions ALL the time. To the point that my husbands has to tell me to stop. The kids run in the back yard and I picture one of them tripping then whacking their heads wide open on the steps of the deck... or swinging on a swing too high and flying off... or neck snapping, that it always a pleasent one. Goodness.

Way to stick up for yourself and stand your ground. Babies always come first!! And no worries about handing out medical advice... I like to get lots of opinions on what to do and look for.

Thanks for the compliments on the new necklace!! I had fun making it and it is a combination of my "New Industrial" and "Reeling" necklaces. The green wire is color coatted copper from Very cool stuff!

gaby said...

hi Kerry,

Jeez, I thought I was the only one having those nightmares about accidents happening out of the blue! I have no kiddos but when it's about my husband, I'm like that! Always fearing that while he's driving, a trailer, full of wood logs would change lanes and release the logs, awww.

Anyway, I bet you're a great mom, I mena, look at the happy faces your kids have!

Thanks for sharing the details about the green wire!~
Looking forward to seeing the new beads!