Sunday, June 24, 2007


Someone on LE used the word "Flabbergasted" as the title of a post and that word has be bumbling around in my head since I saw it. It is a word that really should be used more often. It also is the perfect word to express how I am feeling at the moment!! I absolutely can not believe how well my auctions are doing!! I AM FLABBERGASTED!! I always hope my beads will do well, but never expect them too. I am just in total shock. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It is such a compliment to know how much my beads are appreciated. And don't you worry, I won't let you down. I'll keep coming up with more beads. I already have ideas stirring.

But first things first... the lastest things I have been working on!! The top two photos are of some new BEADED PENS!! Aren't they cool?!? A customer/student of mine asked me to give beaded pens a try so she could gift them away to some very special graduates. I order a couple extra pens while I was at it and these are some of the first I have done. The very first ones are for Marcia, but these two will be ones I bring to the show in a few weeks. I have a coral orange, turquoise, lime green and lilac ones to bead too. I have seen so many beaded pens done by loads of different artists. So it was hard to know how to really make them "my own". Then a light bulb clicked on (literally) and I saw some coiled wire on my desk. I mixed it in with the beads and hot dang! They are totally unique and completely "KABs".

I am getting flabbergasted in more ways then one... not only are my auctions flabbergasting me, but all this jewelry creation is too!! I am really surprising myself. I am getting LOADS done. But then again, I am making so much "stuff" that I am running out of the energy to come up with clever names for everything, lol. So this little purple number is as of yet unnamed. Feel free to give me suggestions. Up for tomorrow, I have a new "twist" on this necklace to show you. And boy is it cool!! When Ron saw it his jaw dropped and he said "WOW! Now that's cool!" You gotta know it is good if it prompts comments from my husband, lol. So that'll be the pics for tomorrow.

My Mom and Dad stopped in this afternoon for a quick visit and jump in the pool. I thought you all might like an update on Miss Penny, Mom & Dad's 4 month old English Bulldog. She is as cute as ever and turning into a moose!! Dad calls her "Hatchet" cause he thinks it looks like half her face got chopped off!! LOL!

Who couldn't love a face like this?


gaby said...

Hi Kerry!
I love those pens and the necklace, hmmm, that reminds me of the lavender fields I saw in Normandy, France last summer. So light and almost like dancing with the wind!

Hmm, when I saw that beautiful item I thought of "lavender breeze". Hehe, I'm kinda corny tonight!
Anyway, great wiring!

WillowLuna said...

I love the pens!!! Can't wait to see one in person. Keep the pictures coming, they're great. :)

Kerry said...

Thanks gals!!

Another lady sent me an email with "Taffy" as a suggestion. I think I like it! "Pulling Taffy" works for me.