Saturday, June 30, 2007

Poppin' in Person

Boy have I had a fun couple of days. Thursday night was my favorite night of the month.... BOOK CLUB!! I really love those gals. This time it was at Chris's house. And I swear I so totally wanna be her when I grow up. She and I are the book ends of book club with her being the eldest and me being the youngest. We get along swimmingly.

Anywho, on the way to book club, I dropped off those funky beaded pens to their new home. Marcia was a sweetheart... she loved the pens and she says my stuff... it just "Pops in person". Not that the photo on my website and this here blog aren't fabulous. Just seeing my stuff in person makes it pop! And now I can't get the phrase out of my head so I figured it would make a good post title.

I took a load of jewelry to book club too for proper evaluation. It was so fun having a show and tell. We were round robin-ing everything. The gals were all darlings and said they loved everything. With each one finding something that just loved. Unfortunately I wouldn't let them buy anything!! I told them if they really wanted it they would have to come see me at the show in a few weeks!! Not a very practical business decision, I know. But hey, book club is for wine and books... and I can't be setting up empty tables at Corn Hill either.

The time without the kids has come to a close. They are all home and up to their old antics. Pestering, annoying, fighting and picking on each other. Should be a really fun summer. (insert eye rolling here) I was very fortunate to have the quiet time I did. And I got loads done!! There are about 30 pairs of earrings all strung up and waiting to be oogled. Plus I had finished those necklaces earlier in the week... so that was good. I am going to keep plugging away. Turns out Ron has the next 5 days off from work so , YOO HOO... still even more torch time!!

I'll see what new things I can come up with for next time!


Cindy said...

Hey Kerry
Have a great weekend and time off with Ron (and at the torch). Good luck with all of the last minute preparations! I'll write from the beach!
~ Cindy

Holly said...

What book are you reading this month in book club? You never tell us anymore and I am in need of a good summer read. Please tell!

Kerry said...


We are reading The Elegant Falling of White Snows by Kris Radish. Looks like a good read.