Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Metallic Slides

Looky looky, I did another one!! Check out "Metallic Slides"!! You remember when we were all little, before playgrounds were made of recycled tires and plastic? Way back when there was nothing between you and the ground but gravel and metal. When I strung this bracelet up, I was reminded of the days when there were those huge metal slides that, as a girl in a skirt, you squeaked down. You know the sound of the squeak I am talking about... the sound of skin and hot metal, lol. They would get so hot that you would have a burn on the backs of your thighs half way down the slide!! Ah... the good old days.

I seem to be a torching fool these past few days. I made beads yesterday morning, then again last night, then again this morning. And I will be out there this evening too. Discs are actually more time consuming then they look so other then the beads for the two bracelets the past two days, I haven't made beads to make anything else. So, it might be time to switch gears and get back into more of a "production" mode. I use that term very loosely, cause production, for me, doesn't mean giving up quality and it doesn't mean making the same things over and over again.

All the torching of the past few days had me out of O2 again!! So, after lunch today I threw the kids in the car and headed to the welding store to get a replacement tank. We drove right into a massive down pour. I went from driving 62mph to 30mph in a matter of seconds. Nice timing huh? But I am so thankful for the rain!! As much as I like nice sunny days, I am a hermit at heart and like to be indoors, working, reading, or just snuggling. When it is sunny, I don't feel like I can do any of that. I feel like I should be outside making the most of the beautiful days. Too many nice days ends up putting me in a bad mood. Weird, I know. I am just not normal.

Andrew was home sick today too, on top of everything else. He seems to have that phantom fever that struck Jacob last weekend. It only lasted 24 hours with Jacob and I am hoping for the same with Andrew. There are only 2 half days of school left and I would hate him to miss all the fun parties and field days at school!! How fast the kids are growing up... somedays it hits me harder then others. Jacob is going to be in 5th grade next year and Andrew in 3rd. Hey, wait I minute, I remember being in 5th grade. It doesn't feel like all that long ago. (Sure it was like 20 yrs but sometimes it feels like only yesterday.)

Okay... so I am feeling like I am going off on a bunch of tangents. Oh well... as far as beady things go... I am already bored with one focusing on one color at a time thing so my new plan is this... I am going back to my moto... "when in doubt, pull ALL the colors out!" I have been looking through a lot of my old photo folders and I wanna revisit some of my old favorite color combos. I wanna make some fiesta style beads. I think I should do another "all color" playground bracelet. I think some margarita beads are in order too! I'll have photos all along the way... keep coming back!!

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