Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do I "Blow Your Dress Up"?

LOL!! Funny post title huh? Well, Lori Greenberg linked to a post by "This Electric Life" about a funny blogger contest. The winner of a pervious contest is goign to be the judge and basically all you do it submit you humorous blog posts to be read. Write something new, submit some thing old... whatever.


I am going to submit "My Alter Ego"... cause I nearly peed my pants reading it to my best friend over the phone the day after I wrote it!! You got a blog? You think you are funny? GO SUMBIT THE LINK!
Oh, and check out the new profile pic! That's me in my didymiums!! What are didymiums? They are the special glasses that lampworkers wear to block out the orange flare of the torch flame... too cool!!


Sarebear said...

Sweet! Hee hee. I've got a post I wrote once, about how trying to wrestle on a pair of control-top pantyhose, is like a spiritual wrestle with Lucifer. Lol! And it still is, too!

gaby said...

Your new picture looks nice, I like the effect you gave it with the software!