Thursday, June 21, 2007

In need of a nap...

I am totally beat. The days and nights of bead making are really catching up with me. I have been up past 1am every night this week, then up by 6:30 each morning too. I am such a baby!! I need my sleep or get cranky. So I am making an executive decission to put off the B&B shopping post until a day when I am not falling alseep at my laptop. Instead, enjoy pics of the results of last nights torch time.

First up, "Another Rusty Swing". Everyone loved the last one so much I decided to make another one. This one has a lot more Terra in it and a lot less ivory which gives it a darker feel. I also used a darked brown coffee colored cording too. I thought it was a good idea to take pics outside while the sun was bright and beautiful. But you know, I think you can make out more detail in my regular photos. This is almost over exposed and washing out the real colors. Maybe after I take a nap, I'll retake the pic my usual way.

I am totally lovin' these giant discs. I have a few more cooking in the kiln right now too. They are so comfortable to wear!! They are going to be $40each. If you see one you love, just send me an email. I am not going to post these on my website until after Corn Hill in a few weeks. So you are gonna have to act fast if you can't live without one. I know when people see these at the show (in person)they are gonna love 'em as much as I do.

Okay, I am exhausted!! It is officially summer vacation... the kids are on summer break as of 12:30 this afternoon... the breeze is blowing... the sun is shinning... I think I'll go swing in my hammock!!


* Since posting this, I have gotten a couple emails about "Another Rusty Swing" and it's matching pendant. THEY HAVE BOTH BEEN CLAIMED!! I have a new very pink girly girly set of beads in the kiln right now. So, if you missed this one, you might like that one. Thanks so much for all the wonderful compliments, gang!! I am totally thrilled you love this bracelet!!

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