Thursday, June 14, 2007

Resin Flings

I just couldn't stand it any longer!! I was literally biting my nails trying to figure out what to do about my total lack of a camera cable. I have taken so many photos that my camera card is FULL! Then as I was finishing up these new earrings I had an AH-HA idea. I thought... "I'll use my old camera!" All my photos of B&B are still trapped on the other camera but at least I could snap a few pics of my latest and greatest.

I was telling you about my resins class the other day and I mentioned a little bit about an idea I had to add resined paper to my "Summer Fling" earrings. This is the first experimental pair using that idea!! I LOVE THEM! The construction is the same, but for these, instead of glass discs, I cut discs of resined tissue paper instead. There are 12 tissue paper discs, 4 each of three colors. The profile is very thin even though it is 12 pieces of tissue. They are sandwiched between two sterling silver that I punched a hole in and textured with a stamp tool. There is also a PMC spacer too. The spacers have different patterns, and I like it that way!

Another experiment you might have noticed it the background for my photo. I recently purchased a sheet of photo paper that graduates from white to gray to black. I have read on some of the internet forums that juries for art shows prefer not to be smacked in the face with a bright white background. It is like flipping on the lights in a dark room. So in my never ending presuit of the perfect set of slides, I bought the paper to get the more subtle backgrounds. My website will still have the white backdrops, I like them better. But from time to time, you'll see these. I think it makes the piece look very hoity toity, don't you?

These earrings weren't the only thing I was able to do today. It was productive all around!! I am finally finished with my big writting project. I mentioned a few weeks ago (after the ArtJewelry tutorial let down) that I had been asked by the editor of Step By Step Wire magazine to be a contributor to a new wire jewelry book coming out next year. I hadn't realized just how close my July 1st deadline is coming. So, today I focused on tieing up tutorial loose ends. I finished writing the last one, constructed the last few pieces that will be sent for the professional photographers to snap away at, and the other pieces were polished and packaged. All in all I will have 6 projects in the book!! Can you guess which projects will be in it?!? Kinda of exciting being in a proper book!! I have so much to be thankful for and to look forward to when it comes to my writing. Between the new book, my pieces coming up in Step By Step Bead, Step By Step Wire and Bead&Button... my stuff is going to be all over the place.

I did all this today and I did it WITH a nasty head cold. It seems I am either suffer at the hands of the cottonwood trees or (what I am hoping) just a bad case of the sniffles. Why would I hope that it is the sniffles? Sniffles go away, allergies linger. For now, I am heading out to the back yard to watch the kids swim.


Nicky said...

OMG ! Your work continues to amaze me. Really liked your write up on Watch me Create, although you didnt say how to deal with the time spent drooling over other peoples (your) work :P

Lindsey said...

Looks like you got a good start on your to-do list today! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you create with the resin.

Kerry said...

Nicky... I mentioned the drooling time!! I said, check your emails and do your surfing while Barney is on, LOL!! For me though it tends to go through Barney and Big Big World too. hee hee.

Lindsey! Sorry I missed the sales yesterday. Did you find anything good?


Sarebear said...

Kudos and Congrats on all the upcoming publishings and stuff; that is going to be a series of awesomeness just doled out to us!