Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Table Project: Day 1

I am off to a roaring start on my new teaching table. I started it late yesterday afternoon. I primed it (2 coats) and painted the edge. I knew in advance that I wants a wavy checker board edge. And for those of you that don't paint and want to try it and want to paint checker boards... DON'T draw a grid and try to fill in all the white squares then fill in all the black squares. You'll drive yourself bonkers. Paint the whole area white, then draw the grid and then paint the black squares.

Lauren was by my side all day while I was painting. My camera had more then 70 blurry photos from her. LOL. But I am nurturing her creative mind and can't tell her not to take pictures. This one, is actually clear so I thought I would post it. Yes, I am in my pj's... and yes I am okay with that. I am actually still in my pjs and it is 10 past five! Oh, there is a funny story to that Ryder Cup poster framed int eh background. Ron and I got it when the tournament was here in Rochester at Oak Hill. We went to a basement sale in the basement of the club house a few weeks after the Ryder Cup was over. The dust and mold was so bad I got a really bad cold and lost my voice for two weeks. Ron loves that poster... I really need to find a new place for it though. I hate having it in my studio.

After I finished painting around the edge, I started painting in the layered block in the center. I have this vision in the head of layers of funky retro wrapping papers. Kinda like a collage of them. Every block needed two coats. And I didn't want two of the same color touching on any side.

My plan is to use the colors of any touching block to make the patterns of the block I am working on. The colors on this next photo look terrible, don't ask me why, it is something about my camera and purple. But you can see what I mean. There are a yellow, pink, blue and fuchsia blocks touching this dark purple block. SO... the pattern is made with those colors... get it? I think it will work well to make sure all the colors are evenly distributed through the entire top.

Here is where I am stopping for today. I need to hop in the shower and get Jacob to football practice. Hey look... you can see my little soldering station in the background.

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