Thursday, September 06, 2007

Crouching Toad, Hidden Frog

There is something in my house. I don't know if it is a frog or a toad, cause honestly, I can't tell the difference. All I know is it is in here, it is hiding in a pile of shoes, it leaped into said pile of shoes, and I can't wait for the boys to get home to get it the heck out. Here is how it got in...

Several days ago, I came up stairs from my studio to find my kitchen floor covered in water. I discovered that the dishwasher was pouring out that water. I turned it off, cleaned the water up, put the dishes away and made a mental note to let Ron know he had some fixin' to do. He said I probably over loaded the thing and to try running it on a lower setting. He is right, I have a tendency to stuff the washer as full as it will go. So I figured a test run would suffice. I ran an empty dishwasher on "light" to see what would happen.

Thankfully, there was no new pool of water on the kitchen floor! But inside the dishwasher, it hadn't drained. The tub had about 2 inches of water in it. Ron said "leave it and see if it drains". Three days later, it still hadn't drained and sick of washing dishes, and knowing that my husband is too busy to fix it, and because I have an "I can do anything he can do cause I am just as smart attitude"... I decided to fix the dishwasher myself, today.

First thing I had to do was get the inches of water out of the washer. So I went out to the garage, grabbed the shop vac and started to haul it up the stairs. I stopped at the front door... dropped the heavy shop vac and screamed.... enter: the toad/frog that hopped into the shoe pile by the front door.

All my troubleshooting with the dishwasher only tells me that, the power works, it isn't blocked up with gunk, no hoses are off (cause I unscrewed it from the cabinet and pulled it out!) and it still won't drain. So not only do I have a broken dishwasher... I have a creature by the front door too. I know what you are thinking... you are saying "Kerry, come on, you can attempt to fix a dishwasher but you can't get a toad/frog out of a pile of shoes?" To you I say "people... they don't call it irrational fear for nothing." I know it doesn't make sense... but really, because I am deeming it irrational, it doesn't have to.

And feet... because SouleMama says it's Feet Week. I love her blog.

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