Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rut-Roh Ranting

Grrrr.... I knew this was going to happen. I hoped that it wouldn't, but I had a feeling it was lurking there, waiting to surface. You have no idea what I am talking about do you? It is that terrible thing that seems to plague me from time to time.... I have too many ideas in my head at once. With some much going on at the same time, all the ideas bang into each other, get all jumbled up and can't get out of my head!!

Here is what is trapped in my noggin' at the moment...

1) A new link design - I actually took the time this morning to start sketching it. I am thinking something LONG (like 54inches) that doesn't need a clasp and you double it up around your neck.

2) Bead Box Beads - I know I need to make beads and I know what colors I want to use too.

3) My Studio - It is a disaster of a mess. There is wire, beads, jewelry and tools everywhere. It all needs to get put away or posted on my website.

4) The Kids & Ron - (I know they should be higher on the list, and they are, but for now they are here) Andrew & Jacob are back to school, and so is Ron. Lauren is in preschool everyday too.

Okay now... this is why each one is causing me not to be productive...

1) I can't stop thinking about that dang necklace link and can't decide which colors I want to do it in. Part of my thinks go wild and do it in brights... then I think, no something more subtle for winter/fall. Then I still further think... hmmm... maybe I shouldn't do either of those, maybe I should do it monochromatic... how about all icy blues.

2) The colors I want to use I saw on a '56 Chevy Belair driving down the road. It was gray and lime green. Cool colors huh? But yeah, I just spent an hour on the torch trying to make some beads and the colors just aren't working!! So I say, scrap it. Then pull out a whole bunch of new rods telling myself I will go back to the gray/green combo another time. I have a hoard of new Lauscha colors... so I pull dark denim blue, ice water transparent aqua and light sky blue. I love them together... try to make beads and my encasing isn't going well... the denim is going transparent in spots and I am wondering if I use these colors for the necklace in #1.

LOL Bump... bump... bang... clank... can you hear the ideas getting stuck?

3) Having had company for most of the week I have been cleaning my brains out. So I am being a spoiled brat, stomping my feet whining "I don't wanna, I don't wanna!" But at the same time, I can't stop thinking about what I need to be doing in there. And I know that if I ever get around to narrowing down #1 or #2 (see above) then I will need to work in there. And unless I wanna work on top of a big pile of stuff... I have to clean it sooner or later.

4) Yes school has started... and that is all well and good. I was so excited for it, but the reality is really setting in. Jacob is doing great in school... but with Ron in school again too, I am the soul football parent now. Practices happen to be the same days that Ron is in school. So I have to try and figure out what to make for dinner while remembering who needs to be run where. It is nerve racking. Andrew is not off to a good start. He is struggling which has me worried. He has been getting about an hour of homework a night. And Ron and I are basically spoon feeding him the answers because he is down and doesn't think he can do it. We think his teacher really did him a dis-service last year. She was too good a teacher. No other teachers put the time and effort into their classes that she did. So basically Andrew has gone from education heaven to the lion's den of learning. He is miserable. Lauren is loving school , though, and that is one relief. However... I have 2 and a half hours that she is gone everyday and I am wasting that time with my head all jumbled up with too much junk.

My my... what a rant I went on. I would love to hear some thoughts on my rantings... do tell! If you were me, which situation would you tackle first? You don't need to comment on #4 - that will work itself out, it is just motherly worries... but #1-3 really do need tending to. So let me have it... are you thinking...

"Duh, Kerry, look, you just made yourself a list follow it... "

or do you say...
"Kerry, come on now, this is a little ridiculous... life is good... quit your complaining and go do some work... "

or are you more sympathetic?
"I know what you are going through... here is what you should do... "

oh wait... I know... maybe you are thinking "whatever you do, it had better involve Bead Box Beads cause we are desperate to have new ones!!"


Lori G said...

I'm thinking:

I'll come clean your house and help your son with his homework if you give me some of your bead and jewelry mojo. :)

Seriously though, I've been going through the same things since school started in early August. I finally gave up and realized I can only do what I can do and I'm trying to come to terms with it too.

Go easy on yourself and don't try to do too much because you'll burn out.

Cindy said...


How about "all of the above"??? :-) No, seriously, I vote for tackling your studio first!! I know it's easier said than done, but you will see some concrete progress there. With the space clean and tidy, that will be one less thing that is jumbled up and competing for attention!

~ Cindy

Julie said...

Get away from the studio and do something completely unrelated to let your brain air out...even if it's just going to see a movie.

Then all those thoughts will subconsiously have time to settle.

Kerry said...

Thanks for all the advice gals! I appreciate it.

SO here is what I did... Lauren and I took the morning off. We didn't clean a thing. We ran some errands and wandered around Target. I dropped her to school and had a very productive torch session!! YOO HOO!!

Lori said...

I'm glad you got out and away for awhile.
Can't wait to see beads from your torch session