Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wiggle It!

I had time to sneak in one more necklace!! For some reason when I was editing this photo the song that goes "lemme see you wiggle it... just a little bit..." started repeating itself over and over in my head, LOL! It has to be because of the wiggly discs. I know you have seen a bunch of variations on this style necklace from me already, but I still just can't get enough of it. I love the design so much!! I am so glad I thought of this link, lol.

If you click on the pic and look at the BIGGER picture, you will see that the sterling wire work is a bit weathered. I did that on purpose. I pre-oxidized half the wire I needed to make the necklace. Then I alternated oxidized and shiny wire all the way around. But I sort of half polished the pre-oxidized stuff before I worked with it. So... it has a shiny weathered look... just what I was going for.

Aren't these colors the best!?! Classic Fall colors, don't ya think? Denim blues and browns... you just can't go wrong. I was thinking these would make a really great color combo for an eBay set, but (insert eye roll her) I am told that sales are notoriously BAD on eBay in September. So I think I'll make Bead Box Beads with these colors next week. I am looking forward to it actually. I like just letting loose and making beads that aren't for a preconceived jewelry design. I tend to be a bit free-er with the designs.

I am relishing my first day of peace and quiet. Below you'll find the kids "back to school" picture. (Heaven forbid, everyone look in the same direction at the same time.) In my 2 and a half hours of silence, I was able to get all my pricing done for the show this weekend. Tomorrow, I'll be doing lots of other last minute things... packing up my totes of stuff... cleaning the tables... running to the bank... all that good stuff.

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windycindy said...

Hi Kerry, I am enjoying reading your blog entries and seeing your new creations! Your children are adorable. I love the newest look of the beads and the oxidized wire. That is one of my favorite looks! Good luck at the show.....Cindi :)