Monday, September 03, 2007

Take Me Out...

You know, this being the last official weekend of summer, it's been an eventful one. Not only did I launch the new site yesterday but, Jacob had his first ever football game Sunday and we went to a Rochester Red Wing game today. And in between it all, I have been making beads up a storm!!

So, Jacob's football game yesterday... unfortunately, they lost 12-24. BUT!! (proud Momma alert) Jacob's name and number was called out over the load speaker at least 6 times for making some pretty spectacular tackles. We got to the park around 10am and kick off was at 11:30. The kids had a strong first half but struggled with some aweful snaps and crappy field position in the 2nd half. What was a big boost for Jacob was after the game, in the team meeting, he was called out by the coach. Coach had him stand up so the other player could thank him for doing his job. It took quite a bit to get his head out of the clouds after that one.

Today's Red Wing game has kind of become a Labor Day tradition. Here is the deal... season ticket holders can trade tickets in for free tickets to Monday games. So a friend of Ron's, that has season tickets, gave us the stubs from 12 of the games he went to... that ment 12 free tickets to today's game!! And it was the last game of the season. The Wings won 8-5 over the Buffalo Bisons. Best thing about the ball park... blooming onions, soggy nachos and dripping ice cream cones!! The photo above was our view from our seats... that is Kodak tower in the background. Do you all know Kodak has it's headquarters here in Rochester?

Tomorrow is the last day home before the kids go back to school on Wednesday. We'll be backing tote bags, returning library books and heading to bed early!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

DON'T FORGET!!! "My Absent Mind" ends on eBay TONIGHT!! Go Bid, Go Bid!! Considering my last set of beads went for over $300, these are a steal at the current bid of $75.

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