Saturday, September 08, 2007

Well Wishes... Updated!

YEE HAW!! It didn't rain today!! Thanks for crossing all your cyber fingers for me everyone!!

The morning started with a drizzle and a great deal of humidity. But by noon it was full sun and the breeze kicked it. The crowds this year, are a lot smaller then last year. From what I hear, there was a great deal of rearranging going on at the grounds so traffic if flowing differently. Not too bad though. I really can't complain.

Things sold like hot cakes today, especially earrings, lariats, and bottle caps (I may actually sell out of earrings, completely). Last year, I couldn't keep pieces on the busts, they sold as soon as I put them out. But this year, not as much. It is okay by me though. I get to keep my favorite beauties a little longer!! Everyone has been fascinated with the felted cuffs, but since it was so warm, wool wasn't too high on any one's "to buy" lists.

I have a few pics, but alas, my camera is out in the car and my feet need soaking. So it'll have to wait.

Tomorrow's forecast is 80% chance of showers, with 1-2inches of rain expected (more in some spots). Maybe if we all stand on our head while crossing our fingers and toes... maybe it won't rain.... But then hey, if it does... it's all the more goodies I will have to upload to my website for you all to fight over!! Don't forget, those holidays are coming soon.

I am up and at 'em bright and early this morning for the Clothesline Arts Festival. Just wish the weather was brighter!! The weatherman is throwing around phrases like "serious soaking rain", "Tropical Rain Watch", and "potentially sever thundershowers".

I have my fingers crossed in hopes it skirts south or something... do you have your fingers crossed?

I'll be back with pics and details later!! Or maybe I'll see you at the show!!


Lindsey said...

Kerry, the weather is beautiful. I hope today is going wonderfully, and I'm sorry I can't be there. Looking forward to pictures and updates about it all!

cindy said...

How did it go?!!! I've been thinking of you all day...I hope the weather held up and that sales were great! But most importantly, I hope you had lots of fun! :-)