Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Get Shopping!

You asked for it and you got it! I just spent 2 and a half hours (much to Lauren's cartoon watching chagrin) posting LOADS of new jewelry!!

The cuffs are up, 3 in the BRIGHTS area and 2 in the EARTHY. There are 4 new Playgrounds, too. There is this cool colors toned "Cluster" style necklace HERE. My last remaining "Flying Trapeze", these went like crazy at my recent art show. There is a pair of new BIG DISCS. "Autumn Reeling" is now listed. Along with "Fizzy Pop" too. Have fun browsing!! I still need to edit the photos for the 3 remaining beaded pens and a couple of lariats too. But that will have to wait, Lauren really needs some attention.

I wanted to let you know... "Icy Spins", yesterday's necklace, has been nabbed by JOOLZ. If you loved it and can't live without, send Francie an email!! I am sure she can send it your way. I also have some cool news to share about an event coming up at JOOLZ, there will be a newsletter about it soon. So if you haven't already, get over to the JOOLZ website and get on the newsletter mailing list. Cause I won't be revealing the news until Francie does first!! But it'll be FUN, that is all I am saying!!

Tammy left an interesting comment in yesterday's post that I wanted to touch on too. If you ever see Bead Box Beads that you LOVE, but don't make jewelry... I would be happy to create a finished piece of jewelry for you. There will be an added charge that we will discuss at the time but just email me when you see beads you want me to use. I won't do it like a custom, to the tee, order... but you can say "I'd love to have a necklace made with these" and I'll say "let me see what I can come up with".

Lauren and I are going to paint a giant letter "L" for the wall in her room before school today. Then while she is at school, I'll be working on beads. After that it is homework with the boys, and football practice for Jacob. Ron will be at school, but the minute he pulls in the driveway I am escaping to book club!! I am so close to finishing the book!! I hope to get a bit of reading in this afternoon too. My Stars... what a busy afternoon!

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