Saturday, September 15, 2007

Breaking The Ice

I have a new set of beads for ya, peeps! Head over to eBay at 9:00pm EST to check out "Breaking The Ice". These beads are soooo cool. And for more then just the obvious reason, the color. Yes, the color rocks!! It is icy transparent light blue with three different shades of turquoisey blues. I also used some dark transparent blue too for a subtle background color sift. But I really love 'em (I almost always love my beads, don't I?) because of the retro fabric inspired design. These are just like "The Retro Dozen", but this time I think I nailed the colors that I was hoping for when I first saw in the bag by BlackBags on Etsy that inspired those. These beads really have everything... they have my plaid design, my cubes, and some of my mod dots too.

You know when I blogged the other day about my "Creative Constipation", lol, I didn't even realize that these were in my head too!! Oh, and I wanted to mention... I did a second blog about that day on Watch me Create... so head on over there if you wanna read more about that.

I know what you are thinking... you are saying "Kerry, those beads are gorgeous... but you promised up Bead Box Beads... wtf?" Take it easy... I got you covered... These are just a fraction of the beads I have made in the past two days. I have 4 BB sets ready to go too... though I am going to hold off just a few more days until I can make you some more. And all the BB sets will be in these colors. I just can't get enough of them... we are going to have a very icy week!! All are different, none as special as these... but really cool new designs, along with some old favorites too. Stay tuned!!

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