Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Facts

The oh-so-very-amazing Sarah has tagged me. Grrr... evil girl. So now I need to give you eight random facts about myself. Since I still feel very crappy, and my brain is fuzzy, I think it is a perfect time for a fluffy blog post. So, here goes....

1 ~ I am currently munching on dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. It was Lauren's, she doesn't eat cereal with milk, only ever dry. She decided it was too crunchy.

2 ~ I am wearing my husband's slippers. Nice and warm! They are too big, but who doesn't love shuffling their feet when they feel yucky?

3 ~ I switch the N & G in "ING" words all the time. It's a subconscious thing, but I think it is because I write the word desiGN all the time.

4 ~ We don't' have cable at our house. So, the TV is always on PBS around here.

5 ~ My studio is completely upside down at the moment and I am totally avoiding cleaning it.

6 ~ I sewed a skirt for Lauren yesterday, even though I felt yucky. She loves it and is shaking her fanny in it right now!!

7 ~ I am my best friend's personal therapist. And I don't mind one bit. (LOVE YA!) Oh and she is talking to me on the phone right now while I typed this.

8 ~ Now, my Mom just called me, for my aunt, and I just ordered two 3 wick candles for $10 each from Partylite. I got Icy Snowberry and Strawberry Rhubarb. Maybe by the time they get here my sense of smell will have returned.

As for who I will tag back... It is ironic that Sarah was the one who tagged me, because I am now going to invoke her "Hermit Blogger Award". As a member of the Hermit Blogger Society, I promised never to send any unsolicited e-mails, and I can't ask anyone to forward anything to anyone. Sorry people, my hands are tied. Sarah said so. LOL! Plus my head is too fuzzy to try to remember 8 whole people who blog, who I want to know random interesting facts about, where there blogs are located, and try to remember if they have already been tagged or not. It is just too much effort my this lazy lady.

See ya MONDAY!

OH, I forgot! Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio just posted this fabulous bracelet made with my beads. I have seen this bracelet in person and it is just gorgeous!! And I think it is a steal of a price. Someone should go snatch it up!!

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