Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How About Some More CoLoRs!

Alrighty, you other Moms... how many of you are counting the hours till the bus comes?!? Okay, so maybe your kids started school a week or two ago. Mine don't start until tomorrow. And it is just about 14 hours until their little butts will getting back on the bus. I can't sugar coat it... I am so happy they are going back. Don't get me wrong, I love me kids to death, but I can only take so much of the "I'm bored... ", "...there is nothing to do", "...he hit me...", "is it time to eat...", "who's turn is it on the playstation..." , "...he hit me..." comments for hours on end! I learned a long time ago that I love my kids more when they aren't under my feet. So school can't come soon enough!! LOL!!

I told you I was beading up a storm this weekend, even amidst all the events we had going on. Above are 6 new beaded pens... I freaking love these pens. If there are any left after the show this weekend, I'll get them posted on my site. I really think these would make sensational Christmas gifts, don't you? Perfect for that person who has everything... or a bead lover... or someone like a banker that needs something to brighten their desk (and day). For this batch, I tried something new... moving parts!! They all have rings trapped in different places that can move and spin but won't come off. How fun will it be to play while you gotta write your bills!?!

Below is a bunch of the new Fall felted wool cuffs. My Mom is convinced that these are the coolest new thing. So convinced that she took my bag of wool and crocheted my about 30 bands!! She knows my crochet time is very limited and she wanted me to have lots of them. I only ended up getting the beads for this dozen made, but I will keep working on them. They are so cuddly. My sister wore her's to the ball park yesterday... I wore one to the football game on Sunday... we'll be wearing them this weekend... see... everyone is wearing them... you know you want one!!

My preview issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry Magazine Fall 2007 arrived today. Yep, I got another project in there!! This time it is for my "Frozen Branches" necklace that they are calling "Dancing Arcs". It looks fantastic!! I am thrilled... the whole issue overall is just awesome!! Lot's of great projects. You got to check them out... it shoul dbe on newsstands in a few weeks!! Watch for it!!


Katie Gerner said...

Hey Kerry! I should get my issue of SBS Wire tomorrow I have the Tassle project in there. I just might have to snatch up one of those pens from you at Closthesline this weekend....

Kerry said...

Hey Katie,
Congrats on your article. I saw that in there! Neat idea.

YES! Stop by at Clothesline!! I had my booth moved so I am now at 752.

Let's hope that 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms isn't over the corner of University and Goodman this weekend!!