Sunday, September 09, 2007

Escape Plan Delta... Execute

What a wild wool wet day it was!! My Stars!!

I was well warned that today was going to be a complete and totally wash out. And it pretty much was. There was a steady "stream" (yes pun intended, water was streaming every where) of people through out the day, which made the time pass quickly. But talking about the day is making me get a head of myself. We need to start with this morning, and better explain this post title!

When Bonnie and arrived at the booth bright and early this morning, I unzipped the tent and was so relieved that it hadn't leaked. Everything was nice and dry. We took off the front wall that closes things up and set to work resetting up all the jewelry. With in, literally, minutes, the entire front table was completely soaked through. Just dripping wet. Normally, you would say... just pull the table in away from the front edge of the booth. Ah, but we had about a 6 inch drop off in the back of the booth so moving would make all the tables unstable and wobbly.

So... quick thinking... escape plan delta... execute...

We quickly stripped the table clothes, pulled out the awning that we have never used before and rearranged all the tables. Above is the photo of the redesigned layout and it is hard to see but the awning is hanging in there as well. Oh my goodness... that awning... what a pain in the butt. It sags, bad. So we took a really long umbrella and with the help of the guy in the booth next to us, we used clamps to add a make-sift 3rd arm to lift the sag. This layout really limits the table area for bust displays but it is a good back up plan for bad weather days.

Today was so much more relaxed and a lot of the vendors had time to wonder and check things out. I was so honored to have other jewelry artists that were showing this weekend coming to my booth to buy things. I think it says a lot to have other jewelry makers wanting your stuff. I was also shocked to stop by the booth of Julia Skop at Antinomy Designs. She is a fellow glass artist and when I came by, she stopped me to tell me she had seen my work and just loved it. She said so many people try to "do" glass and just end up looking like everyone else, she said mine was really different and stood out. I loved hearing that!

I am absolutely beat!! I think a hot bath and a bowl of ice cream is order. Due to the nasty rain... I still have a bunch of items that need to be posted on the website this week. And several of those items are the new Playground bracelets!! Sorry, I sold outta earrings though (for those of you waiting for Fall ones). Watch for those updates this week!!

Oh... and did anyone else noticed that this is my 500th blog post!! DANG!! I think we should celebrate that!! I think it is time for a freebie give-a-way... first person to email me the name of the artist I bought a painting from at last year's Clothesline Arts Festival is going to get one of my lariats. Now quick... go hunt in my blog archives from last September and tell who it is!!

WE HAVE A WINNER!! Kim W was the 1st to find that it was a Mark Groaning painting that I bought!! And what until tomorrow when you see what I got from him today...

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