Friday, October 20, 2006

The Tickle

A tiny little tickle, that's how they all start. Those colds that knock you on your backside for a week. You are just going about your daily doing when you notice that little tickle twitch inside your nose. It is subtle at first, you don't think anything of it. Then by dinner it is actually getting annoying. You rub your nose, try to blow it, but nothing changes. It's just a tickle so nothing comes out when you blow. Then the next morning arrives! You wake up to flem on the insides of your teeth and enough snot to fill three tissues on the way to the bathroom. UGH! I hate colds! The first day is always nothing, just a nagging sniffle here and there, maybe a random cough until you are sturing the noodles to make lunch and you swallow. You know the swallow, that one with the tiny hint of a knot. You swallow again and it is gone but you know it'll be back in the morning. YEP THAT'S ME!!! I am getting my first cold of the season. I will dopeing up on Dayquil in no time, lol.

I can't complain through, other then my class tonight, and the walk tomorrow, I can take it easy for a few days. Not too many though, I got to get ready of the big holiday season that is oh-so-fastly approaching. Enough moaning though... on to bead stuff. The first pile o'beads are "pink ROCKS". I thought it would be nice to make beads that honor October's Breast Cancer Awareness. So I made them to use in a "Berry Wine" bracelet that I will make in class tonight and then donate after class. I decided to make enough for everyone to use them if they wanted to. Otherwise, they'll use these ones below. "Blackberry Wine" beads. Can you see the oil slick looking colors in the stringer designs. Really cool, huh, slightly metallic. I love 'em.

I don't think I have really told you what tomorrow is all about. You know we are going to the wineris and on a walk but you don't know the half of it. For as long as I can remember, my dad, mom sister and I have gone on a fall walk with my Uncle Pat, Aunt Heidi and their daughters. I am talking at least 20 years now. Then when Ron and I started dating and eventually our family, the tradion kept going. We have a big group these days with our 5, my aunt's 5 plus my parent's and sister and my other Uncle Danny, we are at least a 3 car parade of people. We start with a walk on the Outlet Trail in PennYan NY. We eat lunch a walk for an hour or so then we had over to Route 14 that runs along Seneca Lake. There are around a dozen wineries on Route 14. We stop at a few along the way. And then on the way home we hit a great pumpkin patch. # pumpkins for $10! And they are HUGE! We finish the night with a bonfire, pizza and wine in the backyard. This year it'll be in our backyard. The kids look forward to it all year. It is so much fun! I will have loads of pics for you on Sunday. But for now, a walk down photo memory lane. Here is our "Family Photo" from the walk for the past few years (as many years as I have had a digital camera, lol). And yes, Lauren is in all the photos, I was pregnant with her in the 2002 photo :)






Deedee said...

Kerry...I love those pink rocks! All the new beads are terrific. It is always amazing to see your never ending imagination at work.

The family photos are wonderful. Wonderful now, but a special gift for a lifetime for your children.

Deedee said...

ps. hope you feel better!

Lori said...

the walk sounds wonderful
I can't wait to see more pics
Those pink beads are fantastic!