Monday, January 14, 2008

Go & Get 'Em

Bottle caps are up! Did you notice? They are in the "Brights:Necklaces" section. To make thing easier on myself (which is turning out to be a pain in the butt), I sorted the pendants by color and gave them each a letter. So, when you go to the "BLUES" you'll see that there is cap A, B, C, D, and E, ... pretty straight forward stuff here, people. If there is no letter... that's cause someone bought that cap up!! That is where my butt pain comes in... I thought I had this website taking care of itself, but no... I have to go in and take the option down when a letter sells. Either that is the way the system works or I don't understand how zen cart works. My guess is the latter.

You'll notice that the caps aren't strung on anything this time, and it is for good reasons. One: I am out of silk cording. And although I bought the materials to dye my own silk cording (4 months ago!!) I haven't had a chance to experiment with the dying... but I will. Two: I think the the silk is more of a summery style. And Three: I am lovin' how these look on Omega style cable chains. Get yourself one of those HERE. Please excuse me while I go into my sales shpeal (is that how you spell that?) for a second... these chains... oh my stars... too cool!! They are 18in long, sterling silver and kink resistant. The clasp is narrow enough that you can slide on these pendant... or LAMPWORK BEADS!! Yeah, that's right... you don't have time to turn some really fabulous beads a piece of jewelry... slide 'em on your chain to show them off... start a collection... you could do so much with it. Really, seriously... you know you want one.

I don't know if you could tell or not, but last week... not so good for me. I try to keep the blog positive, and up beat. But last week just plain sucked. No two ways about it. It started last Sunday... I won't go into details, it would just sound like a boat load of whining, but lets just say being a parent is insanely frustrating sometimes. Which I am sure I don't have to tell parents!! I thought for sure that things would let up, but no... things are still sucky. I am trying to ignore the suckiness and try to dwell on positive things. Sometimes the sucky gets the better of me though. But doesn't it for everybody?

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