Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wishing For Mobility

I am deep in the throws of Tutorial Tuesday. I was thinking ( I thought this yesterday while writing in my big comfy living room chair) that I should be more mobile. I should venture out into the world (lol, I mean town) while I write. I could chill out at Barnes & Noble, or I could grab a hot cocoa at Panera while typing at one of their tables, or I could go sit at the park and watch the waves at the lake.

But no... I am gonna be right here at my kitchen table today. I am slightly deterred by the fact that I had to refill my gas tank yesterday and it was more then $50. I am slightly deterred by the fact that I think I may get a call from the school nurse cause Andrew has a bad case of the sniffles. And who am I kidding? I am such a home body! It is all gray and moody outside (my favorite kind of weather) and I just wanna curl up here at home, with a mug of coffee (with hazelnut creme) and do nothing.

Okay, the do nothing thing is outta the question. The pile of laundry here is higher then I would like to admit. I am pretty sure Jacob has worn the same pair of pants to school everyday since sometime last week. (But I think that is a 10yr old thing, cause there are other options in his dresser drawer.) I am also pretty sure there is a load in the washing machine that has been in there since last week too, waiting to be thrown in the dryer. I can't believe I just admitted that!

You'll be happy to know... we'll I am happy to know anyway... that I finally caught up on my accounting, which doesn't explain the total lack of laundry washing but makes for a good excuse anyway. Did you guys read THIS POST I had on Watch Me Create a few months back? Yeah, says a lot about my attitude towards paperwork. But after 2 1/2 hours yesterday (while Lauren was at preschool) I think I am finally caught up. Yoo HOO!

Hmmm... you know, I think this is a rather spastic, train of thought style post. I am all over the place. Tutorial Tuesdays... wishing I was more mobile... insane amounts of laundry... tax talk... weird. I guess I will just go with the flow and change topics again. You don't have to read if you don't want to right?

Last night, at 1:44 am, Lauren woke out of a sound sleep crying. I went into her room thinking she needed help finding the bathroom or something. But nope, she was upset because all her monkeys (she isn't a teddy bear kinda girl) weren't all snuggled in by her. I got her tucked back in and the monkeys too, I think she was back asleep before I had the comforter even pulled up to her shoulders. I, on the other hand, had quite a time getting back to sleep. I think it was well after 3am before I was out again. I tend to get a very busy brain at night. Last night it was three new necklace ideas, tutorial outlines, and plans for "turn off the TV night" with the kids that was keeping me up. I try counting backwards home 100 but I get bored around 53 and tend to think of something else.

Anyone else have a busy brain at night? How do you shut off?


Tammy said...

I have a busy brain at night. I will wake up from a deep sleep and realize the how to solve an issue that I have been working on all day at work. I wake up with all kinds of thoughts and normally they are really good ideas. I decided to keep a pad and pen on the bed's book shelf so I can write these things down because once I go back to sleep, I wake up and forget everything. I even lay there at night and compose an email in my head and keep repeating it over and over so that I don't forget what to write when I get into work. I have tried the counting thing but I too get distracted and start thinking about other things.
You thinking about 3 new necklaces is exciting to me ;)

Cindy said...

You know me, by the time I finally go to sleep, I have absolutely NO problem sleeping. The problem is making myself go to bed in the first place! :-)