Friday, January 04, 2008

I went Thrifting!

Something I find incredibly inspiring is seeing all the cool things people collect while thrifting. Call it garage saleing... call it going to goodwill... call it rummaging through Grandma's attic... I don't care what you call it, I am going to call it thrifting. I am terribly jealous of people who can thrift. My friend Lindsey and I agree that Rochester just doesn't have a lot of good places to get good deals. There are so many blogs were people go on and on about all the amazing treasures they find on what seems like daily trips here and there. But we just don't have that here. At least, that is what we thought until yesterday.

There is no way in heck that you are gonna catch me in the garage torching this week. It is in the teens with windchills in the single digits, so when Lindsey asked if I wanted to go with her to check out a local place called Bits&Pieces, I said OF COURSE!! It is such a cool little spot. Everything in the place is donated and "crafting" related. Everyone who works there are volunteers and all the proceeds benefit senior citizens. Who doesn't love that?!?

For $30, I got the above tonage of fabric (anyone wanna guess what color I am currently lusting after?), this awesome vintage storage container that now holds my knitting needles and some yarn, this sweet little bud vase and a bunch of matboard pieces. Too Cool!You can totally tell that this place is one that has constantly changing inventory. So I think we'll need to be visiting there often.

Oh, and something I love about thrifted fabric... it is prewashed!! NO LAUNDRY!! LOL ;)


WillowLuna said...

I didn't think about the pre-washed bit. I was just about to throw the fabric in the laundry. Now I can just get to work with it!

belvedere beads said...

oh my, i love bit & pieces! i read your blog all the time and never noticed that we live in the same city. i was just there on friday and scored the most amazing vintage poodle tea towel, some interfacing (which saved me a trip to joanne's)and a bone crochet hook - i spent $1.75. if you go to my blog and backtrack a bit you will see some quilted potholders which were mostly made with fabric from bit & pieces. see you in fairport.