Friday, January 18, 2008

A Proposal

I have a topic that has been invading my daily thoughts for quite sometime now and I think it is time I share it with you. I am kinda at a stand still and need a bit of a push into what comes next. I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I haven't mentioned working on writing much lately. It doesn't come from a lack of projects to write about. Actually it is just the opposite. Right now I have approximately 15 projects I could write tutorials for. The fact is, I have been hording them. Why? Well, because I think I should write a book. Have I mentioned this dream of mine here before? I can't really remember.

It has been a dream of mine to write a book since high school. I always thought it would be a novel but hey, you take things as the come, right? What kind of book am I thinking I should write now? Well a wire working book, of course! Don't writers say to "write what you know"? I think I know wire.

In my mind, the book would be an alternative wire working book. Since I am a self taught wire artist, many of my techniques and tips aren't the "supposed to" way of doing things. I would basically put my 5 hour Totally Twisted class into published form. With lots of extra step by step projects too. I like to think that I have a unique voice when it comes to writing and I would want my book to reflect it too. I also think I have a unique visual style and use of color that I would want to be loud and clear.

Why am I at a stand still then? I guess it is the doubts that every insecure artist would have. Could I actually come up with enough projects to fill a book? I am self taught, what right do I have telling others what to do? Would anyone even buy my book? Heck, before that, would a publisher even be interested in a book by me? Then I wonder things like "why do I want to write a book, what would I get out of it?" Will I be able to teach more? Only in the since that I would be teaching through the pages because as a stay at home Mom, I wouldn't be able to travel to teach. It wouldn't be a get rich quick scheme... from what I hear, there isn't all that much money in books, it is more the attention it gets your work.

So here is the plan... I am taking the leap. In fact, I already took the leap. I have started something I call "Tutorial Tuesdays". I spend my work/studio time writing on Tuesdays. I currently have a full outline, about 20 tips and all the projects sorted. I sent a (I'll admit, quickly written and probably not thorough enough) book proposal to an editor at a publication I have worked with before way back in November. (Told ya it has been on my mind for a while.) And not surprisingly, I haven't heard back. What I really should have done was wait until I had written the outline, introduction and one project... then sent a proposal. So that is the new plan. I am writing the book then, I will shop it out. And if all else fails, I could always self publish it.

But, people... I need a push. I need to know that this is the right direction to take. Give me some reassurance. I started a poll to the right... answer it!! And feel free to leave comments, I wanna hear them!!


Michele H said...


I think the book idea is a great idea. I think you are a naturally good writer (based on reading your blogs) and you have a lot of different ideas and techniques that people would enjoy. I think the fact that you are self-taught makes it even better. Whose to say that the common way to do things is the best way and that your way isn't better. I'm sure you'll be successful.

I am amazed when I look at your site and see all of the publications that you have items in. I think that's a sign that you have a unique talent that people admire. That alone should help sell some books.

Michele...a fan

Jo said...

Your ideas are fresh and unique, and I agree, the fact that you are self-taught is an advantage as I think it has encouraged you to experiment more than others might.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think you should write a book for the reasons above and because:

1. Your pictures are awesome - the clarity and detail would be helpful in a book

2. You are creative and regardless if it is the 'right way' to do it, i LOVE your wire work.

3. You have a very good eye for style and color so even if someone wouldn't get all the projects for the wire work they may get it just for the ideas!

4. HUGE for marketing you as an artist and designer

5. Is that beautiful raku bracelet going to be up on your site for sale?


Kerry said...

Thanks so much everyone!!

Keep the comments coming.

Merideth - Sadly, that bangle has already been claimed. (A few times over!!) But knowing how much it is loved, I will have to add it to the Spring line!!

ellen said...

Absolutely! You MUST write this book!!!
I didn't vote, though, because my arthritis prevents me from wire working and it has never been my "thing" anyway but you need to do this.
Your creativity is bursting forth on a daily basis - put yourself on pages, chica!

Leslie said...

OH BOY! A BOOK! Do it!

I think you have some of the freshest, most amazing wiring ideas I have ever seen. I look at them and think "Hmmm, I really suck at wiring but I think I could give this a try." You make me want to try, Kerry, and that's a big deal. You'll make others want to try as well because, when they see the amazing pictures of your wildly creative pieces, they'll want every single one!

So, do it! I want a signed copy.


Anonymous said...

Kerry...what a terrific idea! I know how much I enjoy looking for new books to buy at the book store and your work really screams "look at me". Your use of color is fun and playful...and your designs inspire creativity!
I will be reserving my advance copy...signed by the author...of course!
Can't wait to see better get making more beads, the orders will really start pouring in!

Chrissie said...

Here's another PUSH! You should absolutely do it!! All of your tutorials have been awesome...writing a book is the next logical step and you are so creative you could do the cover work too! I would totally buy it...I love how original and unique your pieces are. It would be a great inspiration!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kerry---here's a SHOVE.....
I read your blog not only because of your cool beads, awesome wire (which is why I found you in the first place), but because you have an interesting way of looking at things! I would definitely buy the book, but I understand the huge ramifications of doing one. I think you could handle it. If you were to go to all of this trouble and the publishers didn't want it, wouldn't you have the work done and could sell your tutorials online?? I myself buy tutorials alot to learn new techniques---not so much to make the exact thing. I think a book would be awesome!!!! I most would definitely get my copy!!! Kim