Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tutorial Tuesdays

Again... many thanks.

I can't tell you how much all you virtual friends mean to me! Between all your comments over the past few days and the very personal emails you are sending, I am just beside myself with love and appreciation. Thank you so much for the parenting support, on top of all the other art support you give me.

On to brighter, happier things!

Guess what! You totally aren't going to believe this... really you are just going to flip when I tell you.

Wait for it....

I am going to have Bead Box Beads this week!! YOO HOOOOO!!! Can you stand it? I have been secretly sneaking in torch time here and there over the past week. (Like those quiet minutes when everyone was napping instead of pucking last week.) I have some great beads so far and think I can sneak in a few more. I was suddenly inspired by an Etsy Treasury that was all gray and red. I wish I'd saved the link, but those things expire so fast it probably would have disappeared by now anyway. I just loved the look of cool crisp gray and warm deep cherry red. And I think it is an awesome "alternative" Valentine's day color combination. I decided to call the theme for this update "Robot Love"... how cute is that?!?

A was able to get in some great writing time today. I have officially typed out the full outline. I have one of the tutorials written, my introduction is done too, and I started the toolbox dialog. Really getting down to the nitty gritty of the outline and seeing it all typed out rather then rough draft form, I am thinking I have way more info here then I thought. And at second count, I have currently around 27 projects!! WOW!! I guess I can scratch "can I actually come up with enough to fill a book" off of my worries list. I also decided that it is going to take more then Tutorial Tuesdays to make a dent in the writing of this thing. So pretty much all my free time, including the time we spend watching American Idol and commenting on how awful the contestants are, will be spent writing. Oh and then the making.... I have to make all the jewelry that will be in the book. It all has to be photographed and illustrated. My stars.

What have I gotten myself into....

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gaby said...

I'm looking forward to reading that book!!!
Definitely great news for this 2008!

Keep us posted!