Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mini Update

I just finished up a little update before the update over at my website. I had several pieces that needed their pictures taken, descriptions written and posting done. And I am happy to say... they are now all available.

Go see:
The Nonsense Necklaces ~ HERE & HERE
The Cup Cake Bangle ~ HERE (sold!)
Timeless Bangles ~ HERE & HERE
A Playground Necklace ~ HERE
A Playground Bracelet ~ HERE

That should keep you busy until Friday's Bead Box Update. Yeah, you read right, the update will be Friday! Watch for those beads!!

Lauren and I had a fun day. We were "worker girls", lol, as she calls it when both her and I are working on something. We broke from our usual routine to take a trip over to the city and finally drop off some new pieces to the Gallery Store at The Memorial Art Gallery. Now it's time for a bit of running around to pick people up early for this and that. Then it is off to Gee & Pappy's (my Mom & Dad's) for homemade pizzas for dinner. Should be fun!

Oh, I wanted to ask... is there a doctor in the house? LOL, anyone know why I would be suddenly breaking out in hives all the time? It is really annoying and very itchy!!


Michele H said...

I LOVE the colors in the cupcake bangle. I am definitely a Brights person. Some really nice stuff. Looks like you've been really busy. I can't imagine how long it took to make all of the beads (I think you said 60) in the playground necklace, much less get the time to sit down and put them all together.

ellen said...

Ok, the hives story is not a good one but you asked.
My husband hurt himself playing some kind of sport, don't remember which, and went on Celebrex for his swollen ankle. This was 5 years ago.
The course lasted 14 days and on the 15th day, he broke out into monster hives.
He took several antihistamines until finally finding Zertec. Every time he tried to come off the meds, the hives came back. He even went to an allergist and went on a 3 day cleansing diet. Broiled chicken or lamb and white rice. That didn't work either.
Periodically he would come off the meds and hope for the best only to have the friggin' hives return.
He finally tried an OTC, I think it was Claritin and that took the place of the Zertec. Then last year he came off of that and the hives did not return.
His allergist said that something tripped his immune system and it might flip itself back but gave no time line. Thankfully, that's exactly what happened.
Good luck. It was weird and frustrating.

Tammy said...

I have urticaria (hives condition) that has plaqued me for about 6 years. I have gone to allergist to see if it is a food. but the test show that I am only allergic to dogs and cats. I have 2 of each. LOL I got on the shots but it didn't help too much. I still get the itchies. The doctor said that it was probably stress related since it developed right after the corporation I was working for filed for bankruptcy and the scandel was all in the news. I guess I could thank Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings for that. I would like that yours is also stress related. I took Zyrtec to help and it does but it makes me so sleepy. Claritin does not help with my hives but Clarinex does. I get bumps on top of bumps and it looks like blisters. It happens on my arms, chest and neck. There's also a cream called Cutivate that works for me. I have a friend that workked for the same company that also developed hives about the same time I did. Hers does not come back too often but she is battling right now. Stress can do so much to your body.