Monday, January 28, 2008

Robot Love

I am almost ready to post the Bead Box Beads! First, I needed to come and post all these group shots of the beads. I was reminded yesterday why I don't often use this red!! It is a nightmare to photograph. Something about my light bulbs in the studio make the red turn muddy brownish black.

Click on the pics here to see what the beads look like in more natural light, just sitting on my kitchen table as they waited patiently to be measured and posted.

I really had a lot of fun with these colors! I'll admit it... I spend way way way too much time on Etsy. And like I said last week, these beads were inspired by a Treasury that had all sorts of red and gray items. Those treasuries expire so fast, though! So I don't have the link to share, oh well. You are gonna be busy look at beads anyway, what do you need an etsy treasury for?

I guess I am going to call these "Valentine's" beads, but really, there are very few hearts so depending on how you use your set, you'll be able to make pieces that can be worn year round. My favorite beads, this time around, (it's so hard to choose) are the big hole beads and the buttons. I think these beads would look fantastic with oxidized wire and I am dieing to make Timeless bangles with those button beads. But no, I am letting you have 'em! Oh, and I should tell you, make sure you scroll down a little bit in each listing... there is more then one photo for eash set!!

Okay, I hope you enjoy them! Let me know your thoughts!!


Cindy said...

There's so much to LOVE with your new Robot Love set! You are amazingly talented!

Anonymous said...

way cool!!!! Kim

ellen said...

I don't work with red very often but I like it. I seem to work too hot with it, I guess, and then get a little yucky brown area.
I love what you've done with, though. I particularly love the red stringer on the taupe bead.