Thursday, January 03, 2008

Laundry Ranting

All these have been on my mind this week... I am sure you can identify.

10 Things I Can't Stand About Laundry!!

1- It is a vicious cycle you can only break out of by becoming a nudist.

2- Winter laundry means twice as many clothes that are twice the size of summer clothes which means half the amount fits in the washer which means there are 4x as many loads to wash and the baskets are twice as heavy.(wonder why I made that number two? HA)

3- Having to bit my tongue so I don't scream "why don't you do a load yourself" every time I hear "I am out of underwear."

4- While sorting, finding underwear with "tracks" that someone thought they could hide by stuffing it in the bottom of the basket.

5- Living in a raised ranch makes me have to go up and down the stairs 5 times for ONE load of laundry!!

6- Dressers here have three drawers... underwear/shirts/pants... why there are folded piles of clean clothes on the floors next to dressers, I will never understand.

7- Finding more clean clothes that were never put away (see #6) then dirty clothes in the dirty laundry basket after asking certain people to clean their room. By the time said clean clothes are found, the laundry basket is already in the laundry room being sorted and no doubt, there is a #4 item in there too.

8- The morning after someone vomits, when you go down to put the soiled comforter into the dryer after washing it at 2am, then looking into the bottom of the washer and wondering what the chunks are.

9- That funny smell things get in the summer when you forget to change a load from the washer to the dryer for a week.

10- Realizing for the 3rd day in a row that you forgot to pick up detergent when you were at the store. Then remembering the detergent, washing a load and discovering that you are out of fabric softener sheets when you put that load in the dryer. And no doubt... you forget to pick up dryer sheets for 2 weeks every time you go to the store.

No, I didn't copy and paste this list from some obscure Top 10 website... this is my own ranting, lol. I hate laundry with a passion. And considering I just spent an hour folding it... I had to vent. I could go on... don't even get me started on the inopportune times that a load decides to go unbalanced and scare the crap outta you with it's banging. But, I will leave it at 10 things. If you have your own points to add, feel free to leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. How about this one:

You do your laundry when on vacation at a relatives house. Ahhhh. clean stuff to come home with. Then go to another relatives house to stay for the night before the trip to the airport. They smoke. But you keep your suitcases (for four people) closed to combat that. You get home and everything that WAS clean STILL smells like smoke and you have to do it all again. Grrrr.

Then you realize that your dying washer only agitates on the bottom and wonder how long THAT has been going on.

I'm there with ya sister. :)

Just that one hour you fold, you could have made a necklace that could have sold to pay for two weeks of a cleaning lady! Time is money!

WillowLuna said...

Ah, speaking of leaving laundry in the washer... better go change that over! And the folded, clean clothing--in my house it isn't the children who are the culprits for that one, but the daddy. He thinks the ironing board is an extension of his closet. :P

Lori said...

I don't mind doing laundry. I'll take that over cleaning the house any day but my biggest complain is after doing 7 loads of laundry one day the next morning one of the kids will be having a fit about not having any clean ___________. I'll ask if they put it in the laundry room and they swear they did and after escorting them to the room, they find it dirty on the floor

Alibaubles said...

LOL.....and what is with knee-highs (which are the ugliest thing ever created) sticking to your clothes, but you only know because whilst out and about someone points it out to you :)