Sunday, February 26, 2006

Book Sale

Bored out of my skull today I worked on cleaning up my desk today. I found about 20 books I don't want, need or use. So, I posted about half of them on Ebay! They start later this evening. They all have "Buy It Now" prices but a slightly lower "Auction" price if you have the patience to wait till next Sunday to find out if you win. I loved everyone one of these books when I first got them... I had to have them for some pattern or another when they were new. They are all used but are in mint condition. Everyone is filled with great full color photos and step by step instructions. As styles change and evolve you grow into and out of different styles. These books have had all there inspiration used up. Now it's your turn to get inspired!

Check them out and pick a couple up. You'll have hours of projects ahead. And if you search some of the titles on Ebay... you'll see I priced everything really low!

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