Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our Adverture

WOW! What a wild few days we have had around here. The adventure started late Thursday Night with our neighbor's band playing at full volume at 9:00pm. Our house was shaking the music was so old. I was putting my sneakers to go next door and nicely ask them to turn it down just a bit (3 kids were trying to go to bed) when I saw the sheriff's car pull up. Apparently another neighbor had called the police to complain about the noise. When then woke up Friday morning to 65 mph wind gusts (hurrican force) and the sound of running water. It seems durning the night "someone" turned on all our hoses. (We are guessing it was the kids that were asked to turn the music down but that is just a theory.) Ron turned the hoses off and around 7:30 the power went out and a power line in out backyard when down. Scare Andrew right out of his skin, he thought the flashing blue lights were aliens. LOL!

At around 10:00 I got a call from my Uncle Danny. He thought he was calling my Aunt Heidi's cell phone. He said my Uncle Pat had left some sort of message about downed lines and a fire. Then my Dad called and suddenly it had turned into... "Uncle Pat's house burned down". Since I live closest I was sent over to Pat & Heidi's to see what the heck was going one. It was in fact their next door neightbor's house that had burned to the ground and their 60+ foot pine tree uprooted and laying on power lines in the road in front of the burning house. Thank God no one was hurt. However their neighbor did lose 3 of the pets. Now by 1:30 our house had dropped to 60 degrees. I packed up the kids to go to my parents and get their generator. RG&E (our electric company) was estimating our power to be turned on Sat. at 5:00pm. UGH! More then 24 hours later. The generator worked great. But we did have to spend about 45 minutes splicing wires and getting our furnace so it was running to the generator rather than the circute box.

The power finally came on about 12:00 noon today. THANK GOODNESS! I so wanted to be torching last night while bored out of my skull with candles and boardgames. I think I actually went to bed at 8:30, that's so not me! But there will definatley be some bead making happening tonight so come back tomorrow for the scoop!

And here is that photo I promised of the new necklace "Elegance"... the book report that goes with it is just going to have to wait. :)
We are still without power by we have my parents generator running the furnace and fridge so we are keeping warm and eating. I ran an extension cord to the computer just long enough to check the auctions , email and give you all an update. We are expected to have power back by 5:00pm so I will give a proper update then :D


Lori said...

Kerry, I am so glad you are all safe and sound. Stay warm and dry and I hope you get plenty of torch time.

Kerry said...

Thanks Lori. UNfortunately, my torch time was not good. But that's a completely different post! LOL!