Saturday, February 11, 2006


Oh well... I never did get to the torch last night! Instead I went out to dinner with my sister to have margaritas at Maria's Mexican resturant. LOL! We had fun... after our margaritas we went to Barnes & Noble and shopped for new books. Some of the titles of books are quite funny when you have had margaritas. For example "Sex & Violence - A Love Story" or "Happiness Sold Separetly". These are actual titles from last night I am not kidding!

Thank you everyone for the happy birthday wishes. My bithday is actually on Monday but my sister and I were celebrating last night! This evening Ron & I are going out to dinner at Jade Palace and then out to a movie. Should be a wonderful break from the kids. Aunt Heidi & Uncle Pat are coming to watch the kids. WAHOOO! I will be on the torch first thing tomorrow morning so beads should be ready for auctions by 9:00pm. Watch for them! I am thinking of a wild colorful margarita set!

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