Friday, February 24, 2006


Good Morning Starshine! The Earth says Hello! LOL... my eight year old, Jacob, is one of those kids that remembers everything. And this morning he was quoting lines from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. He has only seen it once or twice but he knows every line of it. He knows pretty much every line of every movie he has ever watched. A week of the kids home everyday all day has me at the end of my rope... AHHHHH !!!!! It has been a rough week, I took Lauren into the doctor's Thursday and it turns out that fever she has is a double ear infection. Poor little girl. She has been sleeping in our bed all week. The boys are bored out of their minds, the little devils. If I don't let them turn into video game zombies then they are at each others throats. "Mom he hit me!" "Mom he won't make his bed!" "MOOOMMMMM, Make him go away!" LOL! It seems like it never stops. But enough ranting! I will be getting a much needed break tonight, thank goodness! The kids, yes ALL three, are going to my Mom's for an "overnighter" (as they call it). I am taking them about noon and I will have the WHOLE afternoon to myself! I am going to spend it torching of course! Then just a quiet night with Ron which should be heavenly!

I will share new beads tomorrow! I am thinking of doing an earth organic set. Are you up for it?

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