Saturday, February 25, 2006

Out of gas...

I am literally out of gas, not figuatively. LOL! The torch went out yesterday afternoon during my first bead of the day. I get an afternoon to make beads till I am blue in the face and I run out of gas! I won't have a fresh tank until Tuesday but you can bet I will be torching the evening away when I get it. I had wanted to work on an "Earthy" set... we will see what I am in the mood for then.

"Coloring Book Pages" has found a home and "Frog Prince" is still up for grabs! I will be watching to see who goes home with those.

We are in what locals refer to as a "Lake Effect Snow Ban"... it's really coming down hard. We'll have at least 8-10 inches by morning. Yikes! Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of vacation. I was spoiled last night with the kids at their grandparents. No sooner were they in the car when the fighting began. Oh well... that's my life.

I will be back when I have news to report!


Lori said...

I'm glad you enjoyed a kid free night.
I grew up hearing about lake effect snow as my dad grew up in Erie Pa
Sorry about the out of gas, get your pad out and start drawing :-)

Kerry said...

Yep, Erie is one of those "Lake Effect" towns... LOL! We actually didn't get as much as was expected. Only about 4 inches. But MAN is it COLD! In the teens! It's good my torch is out of gas... I would freeze while making beads. :)