Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tax Time

Any normal American hates doing their taxes, right? Well here is just one more reason I am not like everyone else! I love doing our taxes. I spent about 2 hours doing our taxes online last night at . It is a super website with a wonderful step by step process for filling out your taxes. And it only cost 19.95 to file both state and federal taxes. I already have the federal confermation email this morning! So I will have my return in my account in a few days! Ahhhh.... I love doing taxes. I guess it is probably because Ron has things set up so that we have more money taken out of his check each week then we should so we always end up with a return. I have heard lots of debates between my dad and husband on this subject... but I won't bore you with those details. But I will tell you this... thanks to this return I am going to be ordering some new materials I have been eyeing to create some great new things in my jewelry! Watch for it!

Today is hopefully going to be quiet. I had a runing around day yesterday. And Ron had a test last night. He thinks he did well. But as with every test he has ever taken he told me "I think I screwed one part up." He always seems to undermind his confidence be messing up one part. It's alright... the last one he screwed up he got a 97% on. GO RON BOY!

In the studio news... I started a great new necklace yesterday morning. It isn't finished yet but hopefully will be today. This one is like the necklace "Highland Park" that is on my website. Only this time it is in black and gray. I am going to call it "Elegance" after the title of a new book I am reading. Once I get father into it I will give you a little book report. I love to read and I know it is rather shallow of me but I love "Chick Lit". Books written by women talling women stories. Nothing deep, nothing too smutty. Just a story.

Hey... "Fair Weather Friends" ends tonight and it only has one bid.

Today's photo is one of my favorites. I took it in the Fall of 2004 at Watkin's Glen. I set it as my desktop wallpaper all the time!


bma said...

we use TurboTax software but i'm going to check out as for the debate between your dad and husband, i know people always say it's foolish to let the government keep your money all year when you could be accruing intrest on it, but i perfer to get a little present from uncle sam in march or april too. also loved the photo of the hydrangea. bma

Anonymous said...

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