Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well, keeping the cold I have at bay isn't working. I am all congested and it stinks. But I am pushing through and making new beads / jewelry creations. I made the two pieces shown here yesterday afternoon. The coral and black bracelet is called "Poodles" it is in line with my "Sock Hop" bracelet. I love how the beads turned out in this. If anyone is interested in it, send me an email and I will give you all the details on it. The necklace is called "Be Square". It started out as a bracelet inspired by sturtandcrow on the Bead & Button forum. She had made a sqaure link bracelet that I liked so I thought I would have a go at something square. I wasn't happy with it as a bracelet so I added the strand of seedbeads and TA DA... a gorgeous, unique necklace... perfect for spring! Which is right around the corner, I hope. Speaking of spring... I made a new set of Spring lampwork beads! They have been cleaned but I haven't had a chance to phtograph them yet. I will post the photos when I have them. The have a really different twist that I think you are going to like. But you'll just have to wait and see those!

I am going to lay low today... do some laundry, straigten up the house, and get the new beads photographed. If anyone wants to bring me some chicken noodle soup for lunch... you are welcome to stop by.LOL! I will be back with photos of the new beads.... first I have to think of a name.

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