Monday, February 20, 2006

Coloring Book Pages

A have a fresh offering of Spring beads, "Coloing Book Pages". These beads were a personal challenge I gave myself to practice my lentil encasing technique. It is a rather advanced lampworking skill. I sort of "went out of the lines" a couple times, leting the color slip out on the ends. That's how they got their name. Who likes coloring inside the lines anyway? They are available "Buy It Now" on Ebay. The last two auctions were scooped up in less the 24 hours so it would seem you all like the instant gradification bead buying that Buy It Now offers. So I am going to stick with that for a while, offering tradional auctions in between.

Making these yesterday was such a creative relief. After my aweful time at the torch Saturday having this turn out just the way I imagined them was such a moral booster. I am finding that if I grap my sketch pad and take a few minutes to draw out my thoughts torch time goes so much better. I have another white & clear set planned. Inspired by crisp fresh linen just out of the laundry... I love that smell! But with the kids home on Fabruary Break, I may not find time at the torch until later in the week.

Keep Warm!


Jessi said...

These are just yummy! They remind me of lemon lime cordial.

Kerry said...

Aren't they fun!
Sherbet Colors!