Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Here is the new bracelet I promised to share... "Dream". The possibilities are endless with the new alphabet stamps I have! I can make custom bracelets that say anything. Your kid's names, your favorite words, just to name a few. And the beads I can mix it.... just endless possibilities. I think every Mom needs to splurge and get herself a mother's bracelet with her favorite color glass beads. Send me an email with the names!

Last night's Tastefully Simple party was so much fun. Susan was a super hostess, good food, great wine... what more could a girl ask for! I was rather taken back by one of her other guests, a girl I went to High School with that I hadn't seen in 10 years! One of the ladies just couldn't leave without the "Carnival" bracelet either! Unfortuately, when I got home Lauren had spiked a fever and I was up till about 2:30 am trying to comfort her and get her fever down. I will be watching her close today to see what's up. Her fever was back up in the 102s at 7:00 this morning. She just keeps saying "Momma I sickies". Poor thing. I will let you know how she is doing.

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