Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I am officially changing the name of Wednesday to Lostday. Why? Well because LOST is on tonight of course! Yes yes I am one of the multi million people addicted to LOST. I am in love with John Locke. It was while watching Lost that I discovered I have a "thing" for older bald men. LOL! In the 90's it was Captain Picard (Star Trek), now it is John Locke. Then I realized... you know, Ron doesn't have the fullest head of hair either... and he has 8 years on me. YEP! I have a thing for older bald men LOL! But enough about my older men day dreams... on to more important things.

BEADS! "Growing Luck" finished last night and I worked on a new set to put up in it's place. A Tim Burton inspired set. The perfectionist in me isn't going to "officially" dub them "Burtonesque" because I am not 100% satisfied with their whimsical qualities. Don't get me wrong though...they are BEAUTIFUL beads... just not quiet "Burton Beads", yet. Plus I grabbed Metallic Silver Plum instead of Violet so the ones with purple are metallic and I didn't want that for these. I will finish cleaning them, wash them and string them. Once that's all done I will photograph them and post them for you all to see. I am going to put them up as a "Buy It Now" set. I am going to name these ones "Deep Sleep". So watch for them :D Then in a week or so I will try again at this color combo and see what I come up with then.

Lauren and I have a busy day of cleaning and laundry ahead of us. So best get to it...

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