Monday, February 27, 2006

UPS Glass Goodies

I was so excited to see my UPS man today. He brought me a big ol' delivery of glass! I can't wait to have my fuel tomorrow to make some beads. I am going through withdrawl! I NEED TO BEAD! Oh well, tomorrow I will be able to. Part of my order was Bullseye glass. The Italian glass Moretti I normally use is great and I love it but Bullseye is an American glass and has a lot of different shade that Moretti just doesn't have. I am very excited to work with them.

Hopefully I will have some fresh beads for you on Wednesday. I saw some really really beautiful beads but Bluff Road Glass called Spice. They were all transparent violet bases with mango coral dots. It was an odd but beautiful color combo. I think it will be what I try on Tuesday's torch time!

I'll be back with beads soon!

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